Get Best CHHI 660 Quiz From European Discovery


Get Best CHHI 660 Quiz From European Discovery


CHHI 660 Quiz 1: From European Discovery to Puritan New England

  1. In which quadrant of America did early Spanish Catholic missionaries have the most success?
  2. Early English settlers explained that land “which was common to all is proper to none.” In other words, if the Native Americans had not established permanent settlements, the land which they were temporarily occupying was fair game to be claimed by the English settlers.
  3. In which document did France cede all land east of the Mississippi River to Great Britain and all land west to Spain?
  4. Which town claims to be the oldest continuously occupied European settlement in America?
  5. Which papal declaration divided lands discovered between Spain and Portugal along a north-south line in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean?
  6. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Americans generally esteemed the Pilgrims and Puritans as examples of piety and courage.
  7. There was no single “Indian religion,” but rather there was great diversity in what each people group believed and how they lived. Match the Native American group with its claim to the right.
  8. Which of the following dissenting religious groups did Anglicans fear most because it was a threat from within the Church of England?
  9. What was the only legal religion to be practiced in seventeenth-century Virginia?
  10. Which Presbyterian evangelist was best known for his being the first to minister openly and intentionally to American slaves?
  11. Which English captain wrote a series of inflated advertisements about the delights of America that misled prospective settlers?
  12. Which dissenting group made an unsuccessful attempt to establish itself in seventeenth-century Virginia?
  13. Who got excommunicated from their congregational church for taking the teachings of their pastor, John Cotton, to their logical conclusion?
  14. Whom do Gaustad and Schmidt credit with founding the colony of Rhode Island and its first Baptist church?
  15. Whom do Gaustad and Schmidt refer to as “New England’s most brilliant theologian”?
  16. The New Lights-Old Lights schism was a disagreement over which controversy?
  17. Puritans practiced infant baptism.
  18. Harvard was founded after Yale to give students a “nearer and less expensive seat of learning.”
  19. Who declared that the Puritan colony in Massachusetts Bay was to be seen by those back in England as a “city on a hill”?
  20. Which pastor’s complaints about the Church of England became the foundation of the New England Way?
  21. Who was the first governor of the Plymouth colony?
  22. Which Pilgrim leader had a church meeting in his house in Nottingham, England, that left for Amsterdam for religious freedom?


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