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Get Best COUC 601 Quiz Family Systems

Get Best COUC 601 Quiz Family Systems


COUC 601 Quiz: Family Systems and Structures; Gender, Culture, Ethnicity

Modules 1 — 2: Weeks 1 — 2

  1. In working with immigrant families, family therapists need to remain aware of:
  2. Karpel emphasizes:
  3. Life-cycle concepts should be seen within the context of issues such as:
  4. The consultant who takes the interaction of two systems into account is using which approach?
  5. Metarules are:
  6. In the view of family therapists with a functional outlook, the appearance of symptoms in a family member serves as a:
  7. The key to understanding how system theory operates:
  8. Which of the following is NOT an example of a sudden, disruptive and discontinuous life cycle change event in a family’s history?
  9. Homeostasis refers to:
  10. Families interact in repetitive behavioral sequences. This is known as:
  11. Which of the following constitutes a horizontal stressor?
  12. Gender, power, and control issues are involved in:
  13. The nuclear family refers to:
  14. Developmental tasks:
  15. Classical theories (psychoanalysis) that focus on the individual probably emphasize:
  16. The way a family organizes and maintains itself at any given time refers to its
  17. Ethnicity and cultural background:
  18. The _________ of subsystem boundaries is more important for effective family function than the composition of the family subsystems.
  19. A family’s metarules refer to
  20. Many early family therapists operated in a gender-free fashion, and:
  21. Systems-oriented clinicians are most interested in:
  22. Which of the following statements is/are true?
  23. By marital quid pro quo, Jackson was referring to:
  24. The theory of social ecology, including four levels of influence, was proposed by
  25. Which group of family therapists is most apt to study family transitions?
  26. In the case presented by the authors of a Latino family seeking counseling, the presenting problem involved:
  27. Family loyalty, unity, honor, and obligation are especially important in:
  28. One goal of gender-sensitive family therapy is to:
  29. Which of the following is not an example of a larger system that all families interact with and are influenced by?
  30. Most divorced persons:
  31. An idiosyncratic family pattern refers to:
  32. The more open a family, the more
  33. Today, working wives:
  34. An example of a vertical stressor is:
  35. Family therapist Virginia Satir helped families
  36. The view that there are multiple versions of reality, or narratives, within a family comes from the:
  37. Advocates of a new epistemology, such as Dell, view the therapist’s role as helping the family:
  38. Minuchin, a structuralist, views symptomatic behavior in a family member as rooted in:
  39. Negative and positive feedback loops are:
  40. Family narratives:
  41. Hare-Mustin contends that, as opposed to men, a woman’s greater reliance on relationships can be explained as a need to please others when one lacks:
  42. Cultural specificity refers to:
  43. Developmentally speaking, gay and lesbian adolescents
  44. Feminists are critical of the cybernetic concept of circular causality in male-female relationships because of the implication of:
  45. Children living with unmarried mothers are:
  46. According to the postmodern view:
  47. Adopting a family psychology framework permits one to
  48. Closed systems tend to become disorganized and go into disorder. This is known as:
  49. Families coping with an adolescent frequently must deal with:
  50. Coontz views marriage as a


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Get Best COUC 601 Quiz Family Systems
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