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Get Best CS371 Question (1-6)

Get Best CS371 Question 1-6


1. Solve problems 1 – 4 on page 28 given the file structure in figure P1.1.
a. How many records does the file contains? How many fields are there per record?
b. What problem would you encounter if you wanted to produce a listing by city? How would you solve this problem by changing the file structure?
c. If you wanted to produce a listing of the file contents by last name, area code, city, state, or zip code, how would you change the file structure?
d. What data redundancies do you detect, and how could these redundancies lead to anomalies?

2. Using the relational diagram in figures 2.3 and 2.4, draw a Chen diagram and a Crow’s Foot diagram representing the relationships between entities.

3. Compare and contrast a data dictionary and a system catalog.
4. Explain why M: N relationships cannot be directly implemented in a relational database.

5. Given the following business rules, create the ERD:
a. A health practice has many doctors
b. Each doctor has many patients
c. Each patient has one of two insurance plans
d. Some patients may be seen by more than one doctor

6. Determine entities and relationships in the United States Congress, and create an ERD. Recall that Congress has two houses: the House of Representatives and the Senate. Each of the 50 states has two senators. The number of representatives for each state depends on its population. Assume that each member of Congress has one assistant and zero or one Congressional page.

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Get Best CS371 Question (1-6)
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