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Get Best HSM 544 Week 5 Case Study Assignment

Get Best HSM 544 Week 5 Case Study Assignment



Your brother-in-law, Representative Howard Hughes, lost his bid for reelection. However, thanks to your efforts, he established himself while in Congress as an astute analyst of the health field and as a consequence, has taken a position as a partner at the prestigious Atlanta investment firm of Keller, Keller, Keller, Keller, and Disher. You have decided to take him up on his offer to join him as a manager in the healthcare division.

The other partners have little insight into healthcare other than receiving care. Your brother-in-law has been asked to give a presentation on the current status of the health sector and opportunities for investment.

Your job is to provide him with information on the healthcare industry. Key interest items are in the below questions. To be effective, detail needs to be specific, and complete with sufficient depth and detail.

The paper must answer the following questions:

  • How is the role of government likely to change?
  • Will the government be more or less involved in the health sector?
  • What impact will increased government involvement have on healthcare as a business opportunity?
  • Where do you see the potential for growth in the health sector?
  • What opportunities would make for wise investments (e.g., hospitals, home health, mental health, rehabilitation services, managed care, physician group practice management, etc.)?
  • Is technology a good investment risk? If yes, what sort or types of technologies are likely to be in great demand, assuming a national shift to an integrated delivery system model and a focus on prevention along with treatment?


Prepare a paper that provides detailed responses to the above questions and requests following the case study requirements and expectations in the Case Study doc under Doc Sharing.

Your assignment will … evaluated and graded based on the criteria in the relevant Doc Sharing document. Submit your assignment to Dropbox, located at the top of this page. For instructions on how to use Dropbox, read these step-by-step instructions.


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Get Best HSM 544 Week 5 Case Study Assignment
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