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Get Best Liberty University APOL 520 Exam 3

Get Best Liberty University APOL 520 Exam 3


APOL 520 Quiz 3

  1. According to Schleiermacher, religion has to do primarily with:
  2. Leibniz’s theodicy argued that:
  3. Leibniz’s philosophical system sought to reconcile:
  4. According to Pascal, the certainties of the faith are available to:
  5. According to Dulles, Paley’s argument for the existence of God may not have given enough attention to:
  6. Locke’s epistemology can be broadly described as:
  7. Which of the following is not a characteristic of 19th-century apologetics, according to Dulles?
  8. In what way does the problem of faith and reason become a matter of soteriology, and less of epistemology, for Luther?
  9. John Henry Newman’s argument for the truth of Christianity in Grammar of Assent is based on:
  10. William Paley is well known for which apologetic argument?
  11. According to Kant, God is a postulate arising out of:
  12. Starting in the 16th century, one characteristic of Europe was that:
  13. The relationship between Lessing and Reimarus is as follows:
  14. What is the best apologetic argument according to Kierkegaard?
  15. According to Butler, the burden of proof in the case of the reality of miracles lies with the:
  16. According to Dulles, the Catholic faith was handicapped during the Middle Ages by the fact that:
  17. According to Calvin, man can arrive at a knowledge of God’s existence by the contemplation of creation.
  18. Butler’s main opponent in his Analogy of Religion is:
  19. Which of the following is not a sign of credibility for the Old Testament, according to Calvin?
  20. According to H. S. Reimarus,
  21. John Henry Newman shows a distaste for:
  22. According to Schleiermacher, belief in the central Christian claim of redemption through Christ can be believed:
  23. What was one characteristic of the 17th century?
  24. According to Dulles, Calvin’s arguments for Scripture on the basis of miracles and prophecy are:
  25. Kant introduced the following dualism in the philosophical context of his day:


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Get Best Liberty University APOL 520 Exam 3
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