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Get Best Liberty University AVIA 230 Quiz 3

Get Best Liberty University AVIA 230 Quiz 3

  1. _____________ can range from formal policies, regulations, laws, and operating manuals.
  2. The _______   ________  ________  provides the UAS/RPA operator with a quick look at the operation before committing to the flight activity (a go/no-go decision)
  3. Which process utilizes a systematic visual scan of information sources and involves the operator’s skill to select and process these information sources?
  4. The pilot of an aircraft sets the autopilot to level off at 7,000 ft MSL while in descent.  The pilot begins briefing the next phase of the flight and when he looks up he notices the altitude of the aircraft is 6,400 ft MSL and falling. The pilot is unsure of what is happening and why the autopilot did not level off.  This pilot is suffering from what phenomena are associated with human system integration?
  5. The actions of an operator to look at the sensor operator’s display, talk with onsite individuals, or refer to a manual may be necessary duties, but the operator must be aware of the _________ effect a distraction can have on the performance of the primary task, such as airborne threat monitoring or manual RPA control.
  6. ________ attention is an attention process that monitors the environment for changes, which may or may not be foreseen.
  7. Aircraft pilots transitioning to become RPA operators quickly note how the two systems differ in the ___________ inputs they receive during operations.
  8. ____________   ___________   _________ was defined by John K. Lauber of the National Transportation Safety Board as “using all available resources—information, equipment, and people—to achieve safe and effective flight operations” (Lauber, 1984).
  9. Anticipating, monitoring, identifying, and correcting ____________ are common tasks in the aviation industry.
  10. Physical or mental limitations would fall under which of the four categories below?
  11. ________________ is the actions of other individuals to monitor operators for the purpose of providing guidance and corrections.
  12. Let us say that we have determined that the field from which we want to operate has trees at the approach and departure end of the runway. In the _________   _________ column we can list several solutions. The first can be relocating to another field with no trees, the second possible action could be to remove the trees, and the third, and probably the most reasonable, would be to establish or modify the launch and recovery procedures.
  13. A major key to integrating UAS/RPV into the national airspace is its ___________    ___________.
  14. A Preliminary Hazard List is used to :
  15. Senders and Moray defined an __________ as an act that was “not intended by the actor, not desired by a set of rules or an external observer; or that led the task or system outside its acceptable limits” (Senders and Moray, 1991).
  16. _________  ________ is defined as the “belief that an event is more predictable after it becomes known than before it became known” (Roese and Vohs, 2012).
  17. As humans we prefer to link singular actions to outcomes, hoping to solve problems with a __________ relationship.
  18. One challenge to making a correct ____________ can lie in the clarity of the information presented to the operator. Incomplete, inaccurate, misleading, or conflicting information can impair this process.
  19. Skill Based Errors would fall under which of the four categories below?
  20. Which answer below best describes “Hindsight Bias”
  21. In the _____________ column, we can enter frequent, probable, occasional, remote, or improbable.
  22. This process is a crucial part of the ongoing and continuous evaluation of hazards and provides the feedback necessary to determine that the mitigating actions employed have worked as expected.
  23. Directing brain resources to a single task is considered _________  ___________.
  24. What are the three primary areas where automation must integrate with human operators?
  25. A UAS operator is at risk of degraded monitoring skills after 20-30 minutes of this type of attention:


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Get Best Liberty University AVIA 230 Quiz 3
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