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Get Best Liberty University COSC 611 Discussion 1

Get Best Liberty University COSC 611 Discussion 1

Prompt: Describe in detail three reasons why a professional school counselor should be knowledgeable about development when working with children, adolescents, and their parents. Remember to include how uniquenesses in culture, languages, values, backgrounds, and abilities might impact these developmental stages. What are three specific difficulties students with low socioeconomic status might face in schools today?  What suggestions do you have as a school counselor to help address these difficulties? What community, environmental, and institutional opportunities might be available? Then, with your understanding of child/adolescent development, discuss how you would be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of a student exhibiting depression and substance abuse. Finally, think back to your childhood and adolescence. Which stages stand out for you? Which stage was most troublesome, and how did you deal with the challenges? Did faith impact any of your stages of development?


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Get Best Liberty University COSC 611 Discussion 1
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