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Get Best Liberty University COUC 521 Quiz 8

Get the Best Liberty University COUC 521 Quiz 8

  1. Assessment administrators should be conscious of issues of confidentiality and security of individuals’ health information including assessment information as supported by:
  2. All of the following are included in the American Counseling Association’s ethical emphasis on assessment EXCEPT:
  3. The American Counseling Association’s Code of Ethics (2014) serves to:
  4. Lack of qualifications in assessments can lead to:
  5. A student with a specific learning disability is defined as one who may be experiencing difficulties in the:
  6. Although the American Psychological Association no longer uses a system for test user qualification, some publishers still do. According to the classifications, a test user who has earned a bachelor’s degree in education may be classified as:
  7. _______________ refers to the combination of knowledge, skills, abilities, training, and credentials optimal for using assessment instruments.
  8. One important method mandated by IDEA in determining students with learning disabilities in qualifying them for special education is:
  9. All of the following organizations were involved with the preparation of the Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education EXCEPT:
  10. A test that discriminates against a particular group based on gender, race, ethnicity, or even disability is considered a/an:
  11. According to Baruth and Manning (2011), all of the following are barriers to effective multicultural counseling that can be applied to examiner bias EXCEPT?
  12. What fraction of US residents self-identified as “minority” with the US Census Bureau in 2014?
  13. Intellectual Disability was formerly known as:
  14. Accessibility and universal design are two primary components of _______________?
  15. Tests are written in English for individuals whose primary language is not English:
  16. Allowing the examinee to nod, point, or otherwise indicate the answer in a nonverbal manner is an example of good practices for:
  17. Test taker bias may center around all EXCEPT:
  18. All of the following are reasons why examiners would conduct an assessment of individuals with disabilities EXCEPT:
  19. When assessing individuals with hearing disabilities examiners should do all the following EXCEPT:
  20. When assessing individuals with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, all of the following should be completed EXCEPT a:


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Get Best Liberty University COUC 521 Quiz 8
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