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Get Best Liberty University COUC 604 Quiz 2

Get Best Liberty University COUC 604 Quiz 2

  1. is an example of a false positive.
  2. is considered a warning sign of suicidal risk.
  3. Which of the following is the TRUEST statement?
  4. When homicide survivors feel a sense of unfairness regarding the justice system, it may be helpful for them to
  5. Crisis counselors who assist family members or friends after a suicide might expect indications of all of the following EXCEPT signs of
  6. Medium-level threat clients
  7. “I hate my mother-in-law. Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to run her down with my car. Seriously! I could take her out.” This indicates which level of threat?
  8. All of the following are viewed as possible causes of addiction from the psychodynamic model EXCEPT
  9. The best tool for use in conducting a clinical assessment is the
  10. The easiest way to screen for potential substance use problems is to
  11. is the BEST contributing factor to initial substance use for adolescents.
  12. Counselors must remember that when conducting an assessment
  13. Which of the following would NOT be considered a form of harm reduction?
  14. is the psychoactive drug with the highest dependence potential.
  15. Survivors of intimate partner violence frequently experience
  16. All of the following questions or statements should be included when screening for intimate partner violence EXCEPT
  17. What term is the legal concept used for crime reporting and law enforcement intervention
  18. All of the following are goals of batterer intervention programs EXCEPT
  19. According to Walker’s Cycle of Violence Theory (1979), the phase is characterized by repentance and expressions of love from the abusive partner. During this phase, the survivor may feel a range of emotions from love to humiliation.
  20. the theory originated from a study that involved locking dogs in cages and administering electric shocks.
  21. According to moral development theory, the majority of batterers operate at the
  22. level of development
  23. is an additional physical effect that should be assessed when working with a sexual assault victim.
  24. Symptoms of rape trauma syndrome include all of the following EXCEPT
  25. The cluster of symptoms experienced by women following a sexual assault is known as
  26. Rape is typically about
  27. The prevalence of being the victim of some type of sexual assault in the United States is percent for women and            percent for men
  28. The most favorable approach for immediate intervention with sexual violence victims A.
  29. Women with a history of rape before the age of 18 years old are times as likely to be raped when they are adults.
  30. When a child makes an initial disclosure it is important that counselors
  31. Which middle childhood behavior should raise a flag in a counselor’s mind about the possibility of CSA?
  32. According to the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, to be classified as child sexual abuse, a person must be
  33. Potential reasons that some children appear to not suffer any adverse effects from CSA include all of the following EXCEPT that
  34. All of the following are documented reasons that children fail to disclose sexual abuse EXCEPT that they are thought to change children’s behavior when looking at sexual abuse prevention programs.
  35. When treating perpetrators of sexual abuse, all of the following must be taken into account EXCEPT
  36. The concept of “resilience” as it relates to post-traumatic stress disorder involves
  37. Issues for non-deployed family members experiencing deployment often involves has been characterized as the “signature wound” of the recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  38. Veterans who have had family members involved in treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder have
  39. The approach is commonly used to address issues of post-traumatic stress.
  40. A survey of military dependents seeking counseling services associated with deployment stress indicated
  41. Which statement accurately describes the issues related to deployment in recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq experienced by military service members?
  42. A crisis plan
  43. A crisis plan should be
  44. guidelines that refer to actions taken immediately to manage an event
  45. that may threaten the safety of all parties with the goal of stopping or minimizing the event. An intruder in the building would be an example of a time when these guidelines would be implemented.
  46. According to ASCA, the school counselor takes on a leadership role in the development of a systematic crisis plan and becomes involved in
  47. The main goal during the phase is to return the school to a stable, pre-crisis environment and return students to learning as quickly as possible.
  48. Evaluation of the crisis response and recovery efforts is a necessary part of the crisis plan. FEMA (2012) suggests addressing which of the following questions during the assessment?
  49. In attempts to secure the building from outside intruders, schools could
  50. When sending a letter to parents/guardians regarding a crisis, it is important to include


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Get Best Liberty University COUC 604 Quiz 2
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