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Get Best NR 602 Week 2 Pediatric Grand Rounds Presentation and Discussion: ACNE Vulgaris

Get Best NR 602 Week 2 Pediatric Grand Rounds Presentation and Discussion ACNE Vulgaris


Description: In Week 2, you will create a Grand Rounds presentation on the topic assigned to you by the faculty member. 

Requirements: Keep in mind the following guidelines and grading criteria while taking part in this assignment:

The Grand Rounds presentation will consist of a patient scenario that is assigned to you by your faculty in week one.  The presentation is a video recording in Kaltura. The recording of the presentation should be interesting, professional, and focused on the topic. Wear your lab coat and name tag/badge during the recording.   You must use a visual aid (pictures, charts/graphics, mindmap, algorithm, etc) within your PowerPoint presentation.

In addition to submitting your presentation, you will also need to lead a discussion on your topic in the discussion thread.  The initial post and Kaltura presentation are both due …., you will also initiate a discussion to lead.

Discussion Lead Requirement: Develop three (3) questions on your topic you can ask to initiate the discussion and keep it going. These should not be questions that can easily … answered by watching your presentation. We are looking for questions that will add additional information to the discussion.

Respond substantively to a minimum of two (2) peers’ presentation questions **If all students have a response, then choose the student with the least responses to their posting.

Summarize your grand rounds presentation by posting a summary reply to your initial post in the discussion thread.  Summarize the discussion as well as conclusions from the collective group discussion.  Include evidence-based references at the bottom of the summary AND respond to ALL faculty questions regarding your presentation.

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Get Best NR 602 Week 2 Pediatric Grand Rounds Presentation and Discussion: ACNE Vulgaris
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