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Get Best Penn Foster 038211


Graded Project
Integrating Word
with Access and Excel

Letterhead 4
Main Text 4
Inspecting Your Completed Files 11
Sending Your Files 11

Integrating Word with
Access and Excel
After you’ve completed all of the assigned reading, activities,
and exercises in the study unit Integrating Word with Access
and Excel and you’ve taken the examination in that study
unit, you’ll be ready to complete your graded project. The
project requires you to use your skills in Word, Excel, and
Access to create a proposal with an embedded worksheet for
the ABC Engineering Company. Since the proposal is to be
distributed to five clients, you’ll also create an address list in
an Access database and merge it with the proposal to create
a personalized mailing for each client.
Here’s the order in which you’ll complete this project:
1. Prepare a five-name database in Access.
2. Create a letterhead and the main document for
the proposal.
3. Add placeholders to the main document.
4. Embed an Excel worksheet into the main document.
5. Merge all form letters into one final five-page document.
When you complete the entire project, you’ll submit it to
the school for grading. You’re expected to submit three files:
one for the database, one for the main document with the
embedded worksheet and placeholders, and one for the
merged documents. To guide you as you complete your
project, you may refer to the instructions in your study unit
Integrating Word with Access and Excel.
If you’re ready, let’s get started by creating the database for
your mailing.

2 Integrating Word with Access and Excel
Use the following procedure to create the database for your
1. Choose the Blank Database option in Access and create
a new database file. Name the file list.mdb.
2. Design a table with the following ten fields, as shown in
Figure 1.
• Customer ID • Company
• Contact First Name • Contact Last Name
• Billing Address • City
• State • Postal Code
• Phone Number • Fax Number
3. Name the table List.
4. Create a new form based on the List table. Name the
form List. Compare your form with Figure 2.
5. Insert the information from Figure 3 into five separate
forms in your database. Be sure to save the information
when you’re finished. Allow Access to set the customer
ID automatically.
6. Save the forms and return to the table.
7. Arrange the addresses in alphabetical order according to
last name.
• Double-click inside the Contact Last Name box of
any of the records in the file.
• Select the Contact Last Name arrow and click Sort
A to Z.
FIGURE 1—Create a table containing all the fields you need for your form letter.
4 Integrating Word with Access and Excel
8. If you have a printer, print a hard copy of your table and
check your work for errors. If you don’t have a printer,
check your work by reviewing it line by line on your computer
screen. (Check your work carefully. Your project
grade will be based on the accuracy of your work.)
9. Correct any errors you find.
10. Save the file (list.mdb) to your computer and to your
graded project disk.
Now that your mailing list is complete, you need to create a
proposal letter to merge with the database. You’ll prepare the
proposal document just like a standard form letter.
Using Word, prepare the letterhead shown in Figure 4.
1. Type the company name (ABC Engineering Company)
in Times New Roman, 22-point, bold, italic.
2. Select the heading and use the Alphabet feature to
create two 2¼-point horizontal lines.
3. Below the lines, type the company address (1552
Carbondale Road – Mechanicsburg, PA – 17055)
in Times New Roman, 14-point, bold, italic.
4. Save the file as proposal.docx.
Main Text
Using Arial 12-point, single-spaced, type the body of the
letter, also shown in Figure 4.
1. After the copy for the letterhead, press Enter
three times.
2. Type the current date.
3. Press Enter two times.
4. Enter the main text from Figure 4.


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