Get Guided BIOL 102 Quiz Endocrine


Get Guided BIOL 102 Quiz Endocrine


BIOL 102 Quiz: Endocrine and Reproductive Systems

  1. An excess of growth hormone during childhood results in ____.
  2. Which gland produces the hormones oxytocin and antidiuretic hormone (ADH)?
  3. Which of the following is characteristic of hypothyroidism?
  4. The production of glucose by liver cells in response to cortisol is called ____.
  5. Which hormone is found within the posterior pituitary?
  6. In addition to aldosterone and cortisol, the adrenal cortex produces ____.
  7. Cortisol promotes “glucose sparing” for which organ?
  8. A deficiency of growth hormone during childhood results in ____.
  9. Which hormone does NOT have reproductive functions?
  10. Glucocorticoids promote ____.
  11. Which gland produces the hormone that raises blood calcium levels?
  12. Which gland has both endocrine and exocrine functions?
  13. What is the target tissue for ADH?
  14. Which anterior pituitary hormone stimulates and maintains milk production?
  15. Hormones are signaling molecules that are carried in the ____.
  16. The term that refers to two hormones working together at a target tissue is ____.
  17. Which birth control method does NOT suppress ovulation?
  18. Which hormone stimulates Leydig cells?
  19. The structure where fertilization takes place is the ____.
  20. The first day of the monthly menstrual cycle begins with ____.
  21. Which cells are the precursors to mature sperm cells?
  22. Which of the following is NOT characteristic of endocrine signaling?
  23. Which statement is characteristic of endocrine glands?
  24. The structure that secretes prostaglandins into the ejaculate is the ____.
  25. If pregnancy does not occur, ____.


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