Get Guided BIOS 251 Final Exam (Review, Essay Questions & Study Guide)


Get Guided BIOS 251 Final Exam Review Essay Questions and Study Guide


BIOS 251 Final Exam → Essay Questions:
  1. Question: Describe the factors that lead to muscle fatigue.
  2. Question: Discuss the clinical significance of dermatomes. How do dermatomes relate to shingles induced by the Herpes Zoster virus particle?
  3. Question: Explain why the sympathetic division of the ANS has more widespread and longer-lasting effects than the parasympathetic division
  4. Question: Emily was very ill with an upper respiratory infection. Her roommate gave her some chicken soup to make her feel better. Neither Emily nor her roommate realized that the soup was too hot to eat until after Emily put a spoonful in her mouth. Now Emily says she can’t taste anything. Why? When will she be able to taste it again?
  5. Question: Compare and contrast the mechanisms of action of lipid-soluble versus water-soluble hormones

BIOS 251 Final Exam → Study Guide:
  1. Question: Describe the structural and functional classifications of joints
  2. Question: Describe the types of movements that can occur at synovial joints
  3. Question: Describe the disorders that affect joints (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.)
  4. Question: Differentiate between strain and sprain
  5. Question: Describe the main anatomical components of the knee joint and explain the movements that can occur at this joint
  6. Question: Identify the structural components of the glenohumeral joint
  7. Question: Identify the structural components of the elbow joint
  8. Question: Identify the structural components of the hip joint
  9. Question: Identify the features found on the femur
  10. Question: Describe the disorders associated with tracking the patella on the femur
  11. Question: Identify bones of the axial skeleton
  12. Question: Identify facial bones
  13. Question: Describe the location of the cranial bones
  14. Question: Describe the disorders associated with the spinal column
  15. Question: Describe the structural components of a long bone
  16. Question: Describe the progression/phases of a mature bone cell
  17. Question: Describe the materials involved in bone remodeling
  18. Question: Describe the functions of parathyroid hormone and calcitonin
  19. Question: Identify the layers and functions of the skin
  20. Question: Identify the layers and functions of the epidermis :
  21. Question: Describe the general features of epithelial tissues
  22. Question: Describe the structural components and functions of the organelles
  23. Question: Outline the major body cavities and the organs they contain
  24. Question: Define the anatomical planes, anatomical sections, and directional terms used to describe the human body

BIOS 251 Final Exam Review (Completely Explained)
  • Critical information to know (Essay Questions)
    • Differences between gross anatomy and microscopic anatomy
    • Six levels of the organization
    • Difference between inorganic and organic molecules
    • What Free Radicals are and why they are dangerous
    • The process of replication, transcription, and translation
    • The genetic code and how it works
    • How melanin works
    • First, second, and third-degree burns
    • Thermoregulation and what happens physiologically in heat and cold
  • Lengthwise bone growth and appositional bone growth
  • Structures of the long bone, especially epiphyses and diaphysis.
  • The importance of the hyoid bone
  • Purpose of the articular vertebrae
  • Treatment for inflammation in joint areas and why these can result in problems.
  • The functional classification of joints.
  • Explain gouty arthritis.

Important information to know – (Multiple Choice)

Chapter 1, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9


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