Get Guided BUSI 816 – Advanced Qualitative Research Methods


Get Guided BUSI 816-Advanced Qualitative Research Methods

Course Description

This doctoral-level course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of qualitative research processes, including advanced data collection methods and data analysis to writing translatable results. The course covers critical aspects of conducting rigorous qualitative research exploring concepts like the researcher’s role, reflexivity, and research ethics.

For information regarding the prerequisites for this course, please refer to the Academic Course Catalog.


This course provides a foundation for a more advanced study of interpretive methods in qualitative research methods. It provides a familiarity with theoretical assumptions, procedures, and standards of quality in qualitative research. It also covers essential concepts and strategies for qualitative research studies.

Measurable Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Recognize how the role of the researcher is used as an instrument in a qualitative research study (Introduce, PLO 1).
  2. Advance and deepen skills in data collection, thematic analysis, coding, and writing/presenting strategies of qualitative research (Mastery, PLO 1, PLO 3).
  3. Collect and analyze qualitative data using multiple methods, such as interviews, observations, surveys, and archival document analysis (Reinforce, PLO 2).
  4. Select and utilize appropriate tools to ensure that qualitative research is rigorous and ethical (Reinforce, PLO 3).
  5. Integrate advanced qualitative research course concepts with a biblical worldview (Reinforce, PLO4).

Course Assignment

Textbook readings and presentations

Course Requirements Checklist

After reading the Course Syllabus and Student Expectations, the student will complete the related checklist found in the Course Overview.

Discussions (3)

Discussions are collaborative learning experiences. Therefore, this course requires 3 distinct discussions. Please refer to the Discussion Assignment Instructions provided for each discussion.

Researcher Identity and Positionality Memo Assignment

The researcher needs to understand their role in the research process.  This exercise aims to provide a structure for the researcher to build off of as they begin the research development process.  It is also to facilitate a written reflection of the researcher’s overall identity and how it influences the research.

Problem Statement & Research Questions Memo Assignment

The student will create a problem statement and research questions for a topic of interest.

The “Two Pager” Research Design Memo Assignment

Writing is a fundamental part of the research design process and helps make sense of how the components within research fit together.  This assignment will help the student put down on paper the preliminary pieces of a research design draft.

Interview Instrument Assignment

Crafting good interview questions is essential for success in the data collection process. This assignment will help the student understand the ins and outs of crafting an interview instrument that will aid in the data collection process to best understand the problem being studied.

Research Proposal Assignment

A research proposal is a document that proposes a potential research study.  This assignment will allow the student to provide a rationale for the decisions that will be made in developing a research proposal draft.  The primary goal is to discuss writing the proposal and the next steps the student will take to address areas that need development and refinement as the student works through the proposal process.

Interviews Assignment

Conducting interviews and transcribing the information is an integral part of the research process. The primary goal of this assignment is for the student to conduct live interviews to obtain rich, in-depth data.

Precoding Memo Assignment

Pre-coding interview data is a process that involves reading, questioning, and engaging with collected data before formally beginning the official coding process.  The student will review the information gathered during 2 interviews and complete the precoding process.

Final Report Assignment

Coding and data analysis go hand in hand and are part of the data analysis process.  This assignment will allow the student to try their hand at coding and data analysis. They will also present their findings and conclusions.

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