Get Guided CCOU 302 Quiz 1 Brain Development


Get Guided CCOU 302 Quiz 1 Brain Development


CCOU 302 Quiz 1: Brain Development

  1. If a child is having an emotional meltdown, it is best to:
  1. For every hour of television (a day) that a child (before age 3) watches, the chance of having attention problems later in life increases by what percent?
  2. An integrated brain results in:
  3. One of the best ways to promote brain integration in our children is to:
  4. The left brain represents:
  5. According to Seigel and Bryson, what molds our brain?
  6. Children whose parents talk with them about their experiences and feelings:
  7. Prolonged exposure to rapid image change during critical periods of brain development preconditions the mind to expect low levels of stimulation.
  8. What is something that increases attention abilities later in life:
  9. Interactive play is highly correlated with stronger language development in children.
  10. When a child is upset, logic often won’t work until we have responded to what?
  11. Whole-brain parenting includes overlooking bad behavior and being permissive.
  12. On average, children before the age of 5 watches how much television per day?
  13. When we are the closest to the banks of chaos and rigidity, we are the healthiest mentally and emotionally.
  14. The term for emotional connection (not the technique) with a child when they are upset by first responding to the right brain emotional needs is called:
  15. Our brain only changes throughout the course of childhood but does not change once we reach adulthood.
  16. Within the first 2 years of life, the human brain does what?
  17. According to Christakis, the neuron connections in the brain, “synapses”, form based on:
  18. Assigning a name or label to what we feel is literal:
  19. By age 3, a child has ________ synapses (connection of neurons) formed in their brain.


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