Get Guided CCOU 305 Exam 2


Get Guided CCOU 305 Exam 2


  1. Cleaning-up time has the potential to be a pleasing experience.
  2. Arousal is controlled by the passive branch in a person’s involuntary nervous system.
  3. If you are a subtle initiator when it comes to lovemaking, it is important that you let your partner communicate and take responsibility to fulfill your desires.
  4. What can hinder sexual satisfaction in marriage?
  5. Stimulation is universal across all people and situations.
  6. Stimulating and pleasuring
  7. is responsible for deciding when entry is possible.
  8. What is the instruction of Ephesians 5?
  9. The exercise in the position is an effective way to learn for yourself and to communicate to your partner what is stimulating to you.
  10. Assuming what type of role can get in the way of the “waves” of a person’s arousal level?
  11. What is the first step to initiate change?
  12. A woman may have trouble letting go because:
  13. When spouses’ expectations differ regarding initiation
  14. A large percentage of women at times experience an expulsion of fluid that is not identified as vaginal fluid.
  15. Special treats can enhance your relationship, unless
  16. According to the text, what is thought to be indicative of intense, but erotic responsiveness that is blocked?
  17. Affirmation time is about
  18. After communicating with your spouse about your differing sexual needs, you
  19. Maintaining continuous contact with the other person’s skin helps counteract the tendency for what?
  20. A myth regarding the mechanical approach to stimulation is the three-push-button approach. The text states that this approach assumes what?
  21. The freedom to enter, withdraw, and reenter will help a man last longer.
  22. Society has emphasized the end goal and fast results more than enjoying the process.
  23. According to the text, what is the most common form of relationship barrier that can later lead to discord?
  24. Which of the following is not part of the old wedding cliché in regard to setting the atmosphere?
  25. Bodily pleasure
  26. There is a specific time that is appropriate for letting go.
  27. To fully enjoy each sexual experience, one should
  28. You must believe that you are valued and deserve to receive pleasure from your spouse.
  29. Affirmation time has the potential to be
  30. According to the text, experiencing without intercourse is an essential part of marriage.
  31. Generally, women report feeling more consistent about what they find stimulating.
  32. Allowing for a couple’s two worlds to mesh is a total-person process. It involves becoming “one-flesh” that units what according to the book?
  33. The Bible places specific limitations on sexual behavior within marriage.
  34. Adding pleasure can be obtained by
  35. In addition to being able to accept pleasure, one must also be able to do what according to the text?
  36. The need for affirmation may change depending on each situation.


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