Get Guided CEFS 601 Quiz Structural


Get Guided CEFS 601 Quiz Structural


CEFS 601 Quiz: Structural, Strategic, Milan Systemic, and Behavioral/Cognitive Modules

  1. Making an effort to create greater psychological distance between enmeshed family members involves
  2. Family coalitions
  3. Diffused boundaries are
  4. Structuralists claim that dysfunctional families require
  5. Which of the following terms describes structural therapeutic tactics?
  6. Imitating a family’s manner, style, and affective range calls for a therapeutic technique called ________________ by structuralists.
  7. Which of the following statements is true regarding structural family therapy?
  8. According to Aponte and Van Deusen, every family transaction makes a statement regarding
  9. In an enmeshed family
  10. Attempting to change the hierarchical arrangement between parents calls for
  11. In disengaged families, boundaries are
  12. Members of disengaged families run the risk of over-emphasizing
  13. What the Milan systematists call neutrality can best be thought of as
  14. In a stereotypical complementary interaction or relationship (best answer)
  15. Madanes contends that the basic tool of strategic therapists is
  16. Circular questioning may reveal
  17. Who took the position that symptoms are strategies for controlling a relationship when other strategies have failed?
  18. Circular questioning is likely to
  19. Starting to work with a family, the Milan therapist first
  20. Relationships are defined by ______________________ messages.
  21. Which of the following does not represent Boscolo and Cecchin’s landmark paper on the role of a Milan therapist?
  22. The person who receives a double-bind message
  23. Symmetrical escalation occurs when
  24. All except one of the following are techniques introduced by the Milan systemic therapists.
  25. A counter paradox is essentially a
  26. A major characteristic of strategic therapy is
  27. Communication theorists give greater credence to
  28. Systemicists usually assign rituals in the form of
  29. Therapeutic double-binds
  30. According to the strategic model, quarreling couples who feel justified in responding to what each perceives as an attack from the other are each imposing his or her own _________________ on their interactions.
  31. As used by the Milan group, hypotheses are intended to convey
  32. “Prescribing the symptom” is a form of
  33. Tom Sawyer’s effort to convince his friends that the drudgery of whitewashing a fence was a privilege is an example of
  34. For Milan’s therapeutic intervention, family therapy begins with
  35. Donald Meichenbaum’s work to help clients change their assumptions and schemas about the world and their ability to manage stress is called
  36. Contingency contracting, based on operant conditioning principles, is a behavioral procedure that has been shown to be useful in treating
  37. An enduring set of core beliefs and attitudes that organizes subsequent perceptions is known as
  38. According to the textbook authors, behavioral family therapists often adopt an outlook that is too
  39. Teaching a couple to touch and explore each other’s bodies and learn each other’s sensate areas is part of a sex therapy process called
  40. Which of Gottman’s four forms of negativity are insulting and abusive attitudes toward one’s spouse?
  41. Markman’s research on marital distress prevention found
  42. Behavioral therapy attempts to modify a client’s
  43. Gottman’s research indicates three types of stable couples. Which of the following is not one of those types?
  44. Albert Ellis employs the use of
  45. Meichenbaum’s work with distressed clients
  46. Functional family therapy attempts to bring about ______________ changes in individuals and their families.
  47. Therapeutic contracts are
  48. According to Masters and Johnson, a primary reason for sexual dysfunction is
  49. Functional family therapists believe
  50. Gottman calls four forms of negativity between marital partners the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Which of the following is NOT one of them?


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