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Get Guided CHHI 525 Quiz Liberalism

Get Guided CHHI 525 Quiz Liberalism


CHHI 525 Quiz: Liberalism and the Evangelical Expansion

  1. Germany in 1680–1789 was a single, unified state.
  2. Phanariots were from where?
  3. Which of the following is associated with the principle “the harder reading is better than the easy” when comparing biblical manuscripts?
  4. Spain in the eighteenth century took on elements of French culture.
  5. Lessing argued that an “ugly, broad ditch” separated
  6. Russian nationalists, who opposed “Westernization” were known as?
  7. Federalists of the Convention government believed that dictatorship was necessary for protecting the interests of the French Revolution.
  8. Who said “religion is the opiate of the people,” opening them to exploitation?
  9. “The Civil Constitution of the Clergy” fueled counterrevolutionary sentiment.
  10. Edmund Burke criticized the French Revolution’s basis in natural law.
  11. What is a term used to describe European control over colonial lands and peoples?
  12. Critics of “modernization” deny the existence of the phenomenon.
  13. Nineteenth-century Russian society was largely uninterested in Christianity.
  14. Friedrich Schleiermacher believed that
  15. Samuel Wilberforce argued that God was the author of
  16. The majority of nineteenth-century Irish were Protestants.
  17. Building the British Empire was associated with altruistic and evangelistic motives.
  18. The Welsh Revival of 1904–05 was one of several revivals taking place in different nations at the dawn of the twentieth century.
  19. Who pioneered nineteenth-century British missionary efforts in India?
  20. Which of the following is associated with the Protestant Christian missions?
  21. Kierkegaard held that beliefs could be demonstrated rationally.
  22. The Roman Catholic Church regained its pre-Revolution strength in France.
  23. The writer Leo Tolstoy upheld traditional doctrines of the Christian faith.
  24. The Dreyfus Affair in France reinvigorated calls for the separation of church and state.
  25. Pope Pius IX was known for his openness to modern scholarship.
  26. Who benefited most from British colonial expansion? Least? Explain.
  27. According to Sweeney, the English Puritans argued for three main types of reform in the Anglican Church: 1) the preaching of God’s Word, 2) an insistence on the observation of the Sabbath, and 3) the promotion of authentic saving faith, or “a real relationship with Christ.” Explain the Puritans’ efforts to transform the Church of England.


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Get Guided CHHI 525 Quiz Liberalism
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