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Get Guided CIS170A Quiz 3 in vb

Get Guided CIS170A Quiz 3 in vb


1. What is the decision symbol in a flow chart?

• Square
• Rectangle
• Circle
• Diamond

2. Which of the following expressions uses a relational operator?

• x + y
• x >= y
• x AND y
• x % y

3. A conditional expression is also known as a _____ expression or statement.

• relational
• Boolean
• logical
• mathematical

4. A _____ statement can be used to choose between several actions without using an If statement.

• complex
• select
• blocking
• choice

5. Hitting F8 after a breakpoint invokes what action?

• Program execution finds runtime errors.
• Program execution stops.
• Program execution resets the values of all variables.
• Program execution steps to the next line of code.

6. What is the first technique that a programmer should employ to check his or her code for logic errors?

• Compare expected results to those produced by the program.
• Compile the program and see if there are errors reported by the compiler.
• Do a program walk-through with your programming peers.
• Include Try…Catch statements in all critical statements.

7. What is the purpose of the function Debug – Windows – Autos in Visual Studio?

• Activate the automatic syntax checker of the compiler.
• Auto Select all variables that may have erroneous values and display them.
• Automatically discover possible runtime errors in the code.
• Observe and change the values of variables.

8. Which statement regarding these two sets of code is true?
If z = 10 Then
If x = 11 Then
End If
End If
If z = 10 Or x = 11 Then
End If

• The two sets of code are NOT equivalent and do different things.
• The condition statement in “a” is not valid.
• “a” and “b” will produce the same outputs.
• “b” is not a valid set of Visual Basic instructions.

9. When using the logical operator “Or,” what part of the expression must be true so that the entire expression is evaluated as true?

• Only the right portion
• Only the left portion
• Either the left or right portion
• Either the left or a right portion, but not both

10. Suppose that the selector in a Select Case block is the string variable value. Which of the following is NOT a valid Case clause?

• Case strValue.Substring(0, 1)
• Case “Adams”
• Case value.Length
• Case “739”

11. Using If…Then…Else statements, write code calculate sales bonus to be paid to salespersons selling widgets, considering the following tiers:

Sales between $0 and $5,000: 1% bonus
Sales between $5,001 and $10,000: 3% bonus
Sales over $10,000: 5% bonus

Assume the salesperson’s total sales value is stored in a variable total sales and is always greater than zero, and a sales bonus variable has been declared.

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Get Guided CIS170A Quiz 3 in vb
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