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Get Guided COUC 504 Quiz 5 African Americans

Get Guided COUC 504 Quiz 5 African Americans


COUC 504 Quiz 5: African Americans

Module 5: Week 5

  1. is applied to counseling settings with cross-racial dyads of clients and counselors, client racial preferences for counselors, and supervisor-supervisee cross-racial pairings; and used to explore how racial identity can change over the life span.
  2. According to research, individuals of African descent often describe themselves as
  3. Colorism in the African American community is a preference for individuals
  4. Historically, in the U.S. educational system children of African descent were often placed in
  5. The __________ provides a framework for understanding both the significance of race in the self-concept of African Americans and the qualitative meaning that is attributed to being a member of that racial category.
  6. The historical labeling of slaves’ motivation to run away as Drapetomania
    provides one example of why some African Americans continue to distrust the mental health field.
  7. Black families were frequently dissolved by the sale of members to slaveholders on different plantations.
  8. Grandmothers rarely have a central role in Black families.
  9. In the U.S., African American men have a lower life expectancy than African American women.
  10. When a therapist identifies a Black child functioning in some parental roles related to other siblings, the therapist should always intervene to adjust family roles to eliminate the child’s parenting functions.
  11. Therapists who display color blindness in their approach to Black clients believe
  12. This group has varied, more egalitarian, roles for women in the family.
  13. The unemployment rate for Blacks in the U.S. is substantially higher than the rate for Whites.
  14. Having a degree from a prestigious university is always helpful in establishing a trusting therapeutic alliance with culturally diverse clients.
  15. When assessing the family environment of African Americans, one should ask “Who lives at home? Who helps out?” because


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Get Guided COUC 504 Quiz 5 African Americans
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