Get Guided ENGL 147N Week 4 Assignment: Logical Fallacies Presentation – Poking (and Plugging) Holes in Arguments


Get Guided ENGL 147N Week 4 Assignment Logical Fallacies Presentation-Poking and Plugging Holes in Arguments


Required Resources

  • Read/review the following resources for this activity:
  • Textbook: pp. 157-173
  • Lesson
  • Sample Presentation Preview the document


For this assignment, complete the following:

Review from the lesson and textbook readings the types of logical fallacies and examples.

Locate three advertisements online that were posted no later than one year ago. The advertisements may be any of the following types, and they do not need to all be the same type:

  • Advertisements for products, such as a beauty products or an automobile
  • Political campaign ads
  • Advertisements that pop up on your social media threads, like on Facebook or Instagram

Keep in mind that this assignment requires you to identify logical fallacies, so choose your three advertisements carefully, looking for those in which you do see clear and identifiable logical fallacies at work. Search until you have three advertisements that will work well for this assignment on logical fallacies.

Create a PowerPoint presentation consisting of 11 slides:

An introduction slide with your name, the class, and the title of your presentation- don’t be afraid to get creative with your title! On one slide, show and cite the advertisement.

On another slide, name the fallacy that occurs and define the fallacy. For example, if you see an Ad Hominem fallacy, you will note that there is an Ad Hominem Fallacy and offer a definition of “Ad Hominem” using your own wording. Do not simply copy the definition from the lesson or textbook.

On the next slide, explain how and why a specific portion of the ad represents this specific fallacy. Be thorough and clear.

Repeat the above process with your other two advertisements. You should have three slides for each advertisement, for a total of nine body slides

A References slide in which you provide full APA-correct references for your three advertisements. You should not have additional references because everything else in your presentation should simply represent your learning in this module.

Note: Include everything on your slides visually. If you’d like to use voice-over, that’s fine; just note that you will be graded on what is visually on the slides only. You may be as visually creative as you would like!

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