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Get Guided ENGL 333 Quiz 3

Get Guided ENGL 333 Quiz 3


  1. How is a transitive verb different from an intransitive one?
  2. The grammatical subject of a clause is always a noun.
  3. What is the verbal morpheme that signals the present tense, third person singular?
  4. According to Chapter 5 of your text, American English has only two tenses.
  5. What is the auxiliary rule?
  6. Modals are auxiliary verbs.
  7. An infinitive phrase is a preposition “in” plus a bare form of a verb.
  8. The progressive aspect is represented as a past-perfect form of a verb.
  9. What are the characteristics of verbs?
  10. In the video presentation for Module/Week Three, what particular grammar labeling error would make Dr. McClelland’s head “explode”?
  11. The three basic verb types are transitive, linking, and equative.
  12. In the phrase “the interesting book”, the word “interesting” is a verb in function but an adjective in form.
  13. Many grammar books name six tenses.
  14. “Time” is not necessarily the same as “tense.”
  15. What is the perfect aspect?

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Get Guided ENGL 333 Quiz 3
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