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Get Guided Final Project – Sonic Books

Get Guided Final Project-Sonic Books


Final Instructions

Final Project, Sonic Books (100 points)

Final Project
Sonic Books, a medium-sized bookstore in town, hired you as a database consultant to develop a new database system. Today, all inventory is tracked by using a manual system that is not very reliable. On page 2 of this document are samples of the tables used by the bookstore.
Your job is to create an Access database (save it as SonicLastNameBooks) and the necessary tables, forms, and reports.

1. Create the access database and two tables according to the description on page two of this document. PUBLISHER table – publisher code will be the primary key; BOOK table – book code will be the primary key.
2. Set the relationships – go to database tools and set the relationships between the two tables.
TIP: to view operators for the criteria field when creating queries see pages AC94-97. To view comparison operators for defining record selection criteria for queries see page AC132. Remember to hide fields in queries that do not need to show.
3. List the name of every publisher located in New York State. Only the publisher column should be showing. Save it as QUERY01
4. List the name of every publisher not located in New York State. Only the publisher column should be showing. Save it as QUERY02
5. List the code and title of every book whose type is HOR. Save it as QUERY03
6. List the code and title of every book whose type is HOR and that is paperback. Save it as QUERY04
7. List the codes and titles (ascending order) of all books whose type is HOR or whose publisher is PB. Save it as QUERY05
8. List the code, title, and price (descending order) for each book with a price that is greater than $10 but less than $20. Save it as QUERY06
9. List the book code and title (ascending order) of every book whose type is MYS and whose price is less than $20. Save it as QUERY07
10. List the title (ascending order) and publisher of every Fiction book that is more than $6.00. Save it as QUERY08
11. For every book, list the book code, book title, publisher code, and publisher name (Ascending order). Save it as QUERY09
12. List the book title and book code for every book published by Bantam Books that has a book price greater than $10. Save it as QUERY10
13. Go to More Forms, Form Wizard: create a form using the book table, with all the fields, and columnar, and choose your favorite style. Save it as FormBOOK.
14. Create a Report (basic report), using the book table. Save it as ReportBOOK.
15. Upload the access database file (close the database before uploading it, otherwise I’m unable to open the access file) to the Final Project assignment.

Sample Tables from Henry Books

Publisher Code (text) Publisher Name (text) Publisher City (text) Publisher State (text)
AH Arkham House Publishing Sauk City WI
AP Arcade Publishing New York NY
AW Addison Wesley Reading MA
BB Bantam Books New York NY
BF Best and Furrow Boston MA
JT Jeremy Tarcher Los Angeles CA
MP McPherson and Company Kingston NY
PB Pocket Books New York NY
RH Random House New York NY
RZ Rizzoli New York NY
SB Schocken Books New York NY
SI Signet New York NY
TH Thames and Hudson New York NY
WN W.W. Norton and Company New York NY

Table: BOOK
Book Code
Book Title
(text) Publisher Code
(text) Book Type
(text) Book Price
(currency) Paperback
180 Shyness BB PSY 7.65 Y
189 Kane and Abel PB FIC 5.55 Y
200 Stranger BB FIC 8.75 Y
378 Dunwich Horror and Others PB HOR 19.75 N
808 Knockdown PB MYS 4.75 Y
1351 Cujo SI HOR 6.65 Y
1382 Marcel Duchamp PB ART 11.25 Y
2226 Ghost from the Grand Banks BB SFI 19.95 N
2281 Prints of the 20th Century PB ART 13.25 Y
2766 Prodigal Daughter PB FIC 5.45 Y
2908 Hymns to the Night BB POE 6.75 Y
3350 Higher Creativity PB PSY 9.75 Y
3743 First Among Equals PB FIC 3.95 Y
3906 Vortex BB SUS 5.45 Y
5163 Organ SI MUS 16.95 Y
5790 Database Systems BF CS 54.95 N
6128 Evil Under the Sun PB MYS 4.45 Y
6328 Vixen 07 BB SUS 5.55 Y
6908 A Guide to SQL BF CS 23.95 Y
7405 Night Probe BB SUS 5.65 Y
7443 Carrie SI HOR 6.75 Y
7559 Risk PB MYS 3.95 Y
7947 Database Programming BF CS 39.90 Y
8092 Magritte SI ART 21.95 N
8720 Castle BB FIC 12.15 Y
9611 America BB FIC 10.95 Y

Grading Rubric
This is part of your final exam and worth 100 points

• Tables (2) 5 points each
• Queries 1-8 7 points each
• Queries 9-10 8 points each
• Form 10 points
• Report 8 points

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Get Guided Final Project – Sonic Books
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