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Get Guided HIST 405N Week 3 Case Study Option 1: The American System, Transportation, and Communication

Get Guided HIST 405N Week 3 Case Study Option 1 The American System Transportation and Communication


Required Resources
Read/review the following resources for this activity:
• Textbook: Chapters 9, 10 (section 10.4), 11 (section 11.5), 13
• Lesson
• 1 primary source that corresponds with your selected topic (noted in the topic instructions)
• Minimum of 2 scholarly sources (in addition to the textbook)

Optional Resources to Explore
Feel free to review the library guide for scholarly sources and videos at the following link:
• Link (website): History Library Guide(Links to an external site.)

The purposes of each case study assignment include the following:
• To hone your abilities to research using scholarly sources
• To advance critical thinking and writing skills
• … compile a response to the prompts provided
• To explore a historical topic and make connections to change over time

Pick one (1) of the following topics. Then, address the corresponding questions/prompts for your selected topic. Use at least one (1) documented example of the corresponding primary source in your writing.

Option 1: The American System, Transportation, and Communication
Read the following primary source:
• Link (website): Of Debates in Congress (Clay’s Debate of the American System in 1832)(Links to an external site.) (Click on “Next Image” to see all pages of the debate: pp.258-262.)
Then, address the following:
• Describe the idea of Henry Clay’s “American System.”
• Based on Clay’s economic vision of America, analyze how the American System would build the American market and economy?
• Analyze the role of mechanization and communication in the American System.

Writing Requirements (APA format)
• Length: 2-3 pages (not including title page or references page)
• 1-inch margins
• Double spaced
• 12-point Times New Roman font
• Title page
• References page
• In-text citations that correspond with your end references.

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Get Guided HIST 405N Week 3 Case Study Option 1: The American System, Transportation, and Communication
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