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Get Guided Liberty University APOL 525 Exam 2 

Get Guided Liberty University APOL 525 Exam 2


  1. In our class reading, “ATR” is an abbreviation for:
  2. Chinese popular religion on the lower levels of society during the Shang dynasty may have been pervasively __________________, but people had not yet forgotten about the Creator god of heaven called ______________________.
  3. The Japanese celebration of New Year’s Day emphasizes purification.
  4. Rituals and magic are not part of African Traditional religions.
  5. Yin and Yang are important and ancient concepts in early Chinese religion. Yin serves as a _____________ spiritual force in the universe and Yang is a __________________ spiritual force.
  6. Voodoo originated in Haiti.
  7. A method of healing that originated among the Navajos has become popular in today’s
  8. Soka Gakkai is a Japanese religion.
  9. In sharing the gospel with a Japanese person who is an adherent of the Japanese religion, Christians should
  10. The Four Noble Truths are a pathway to escape
  11. Shamanism is not part of Japanese religious life.
  12. The Navajos do not fear ghosts because they do not believe in ghosts.
  13. Generally speaking, African Traditional Religions do not recognize and worship a supreme high god.
  14. The goal is Yin and Yang in the universe is to maintain a balance between the two spiritual forces.
  15. Daoism is a religion, not a philosophy of life.
  16. The religion of Shintoism was brought to Japan by my Buddhist teachers.
  17. In the 21st century, Japanese folk religion no longer exists in Japan.
  18. Kachina Spirits and dances are part and parcel of the Navajo culture.
  19. We have good knowledge about Japan in ancient times because it is a very old and well-preserved society and culture.
  20. Native American cultures and tribes hold very clear conceptions concerning the dead.
  21. Money is sometimes burned at a Chinese funeral.
  22. Confucian social teachings have not influenced Japan.
  23. The word shaman originated with the American Indians.
  24. Shinto is rightfully identified as the national religion of Japan for two reasons which are
  25. Fortune-telling is taboo in Chinese popular religion.
  26. In sharing the gospel with traditional Native Americans, Christians should
  27. The veneration of mountains and places in nature is part of the Japanese folk religion.
  28. Totemism is the practice in Native American tribes of
  29. The correctly balanced state of Yin and Yang is expressed by the Buddha.
  30. The ritual of healing is not a focus in Traditional religions.
  31. In a solid two or three-paragraph essay discuss what questions need to be asked and answered when developing a Christian Theology of Religions. Why are answering such questions important in the Christian mission? Cite at least 4 Scriptures to support your answers.


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Get Guided Liberty University APOL 525 Exam 2 
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