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Get Guided Liberty University AVIA 230 Quiz 6

Get Guided Liberty University AVIA 230 Quiz 6


  1. What part of the radio takes digital data and mixes it with a carrier signal before sending it to an amplifier?
  2. The most common source of power in all-electric sUAS is one or more ____________
  3. Aviation quality wire (i.e., manufactured according to FAA standards and specifications) is sized according to the American Wire Gage (AWG) system in which larger numbers indicate a _________ diameter wire.
  4. While passing through the space between antennas the signal becomes very weak and needs to be applied in a(n) _______________ very close to the antenna.
  5. Because the ESC generates ______, potentially considerable amounts of it, providing adequate cooling is important, especially where the controller incorporates the additional functionality of an integral BEC
  6. EMI is a type of _________.
  7. Ohm’s law is mathematically expressed in the following way:
  8. The motor controller, also commonly known as a(n) _________________________, is a microprocessor that acts as an inverter/switching device to convert DC to a bidirectional pulsing current (as opposed to a sinusoidal waveform) to provide the desired voltage frequency and voltage amplitude to the motor.
  9. An __________ radiates recently when electromagnetic energy is guided through a transmission line under matched conditions
  10. Measured in units known as ____________, this ow of electrons constitutes the electrical current.
  11. Unlike voltage, the _________ of a cell is not a function of chemistry, but rather of the amount of active plate or electrode material exposed to the electrolyte.
  12. Even the least complex, remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) rely upon ______________ to receive, process, and distribute input signals to achieve command and control and often for propulsion.
  13. For a given UAS circuit, anticipated peak current ow, the maximum voltage drop acceptable in the circuit, and conductor length, from bus to component ground, are likely the most important factors in selecting the correct
  14. A _________ signal carries a power level that overwhelms the receiver making it difficult or impossible to navigate or complete an intended application. Whether
  15. The _______________ is simply, the product of the directivity with eciency which accounts for cable, connector losses, and dielectric losses
  16. All generators produce a(n) _________ output that must be either mechanically or electronically rectified to DC.
  17. Line of sight communications allow a radio to transmit and receive a signal __________
  18. All EM waves possess an electric eld and a ___________ eld direction.
  19. For the signal to be picked up and demodulated by the receiver a certain ___________________ is required.
  20. As the sUAS electrical system becomes more complex, the use of a(n) __________, or common connection point for wires and multiple circuits, becomes more desirable.
  21. ___________ losses cannot be ignored and they form the bulk of the losses of the link.
  22. This method spreads the signal being transmitted randomly across multiple center frequencies.
  23. When considering electric motors, an ESC refers to the _________________
  24. The first step in designing an RF system for a UAS would be to decide the _________ required for the application we have in mind.
  25. Operators can control an aircraft from halfway around the world using satellite communications, and it is common to do so. The drawback is that:


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Get Guided Liberty University AVIA 230 Quiz 6
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