Get Guided Liberty University CEFS 515 Final


Get Guided Liberty University CEFS 515 Final

  1. A _________________ is a graph that represents a correlation coefficient
  2. Formative evaluation relates to the processes involved in delivering a program
  3. A third-variable problem is a part of correlational research and comes about when a correlation between two variables is dependent on another (third) variable.
  4. _____________ is a tool that provides a strategy for researchers to make predictions about relationships
  5. Cost-effective evaluation and cost-benefit analysis are both examples of
  6. Qualitative research tends to be less structured than quantitative research.
  7. A hypothesis should be based on opinion.
  8. In a double-blind research study the ________
  9. The seven steps of the research process begin with learning database procedures.
  10. According to informed consent, confidentiality will always be kept.
  11. ∑ represents the symbol for “the multiplication of”
  12. Factors that usually lead to students becoming scientist-practitioners include __________
  13. Which of the following is an example of naturalistic observation:
  14. When forming a scholarly research paper, authors should use tools and resources such as ________________
  15. Based on Jackson, figure 5.7 above of a standard normal distribution, what percentage of the population would score above someone who scores two standard deviations above the mean?
  16. In the class video on John Gottman’s Love Lab, the device that measures fidgeting was called:
  17. A correlation may be considered weak if the correlation coefficient falls between the values of:
  18. Scientist Practitioners use their research to inform their practice.
  19. Validity refers to _____
  20. The sampling technique often seen in psychological research is convenience sampling.


  1. Using the Jackson textbook, figure 5.7, with a standard normal distribution, 95% of scores fall within 3 standard deviations from the mean.
  2. A ballroom dancing metaphor can be used to describe the nature of reporting results in terms of the null hypothesis because:
  3. Rejecting the null hypothesis when the null hypothesis is true is a type one error and not a type two.
  4. The central limit theorem involves _________.
  5. The chi-square (χ2) goodness-of-fit test is a nonparametric statistical test used for comparing categorical information against what we would expect based on previous knowledge.
  6. The central limit theorem involves the distribution of sample means approaching normality.
  7. The most robust experiments do not have a risk of error.
  8. Chapter 13 in the Knight & Tetrault textbook discusses an example wherein a researcher is comparing the Emotional Intelligence of counseling students to the emotional intelligence of students of other majors. The researchers hypothesize that counseling students will have higher emotional intelligence than students in other majors. Since this specifies a direction (scores on the EI assessment for counseling students will be greater than that of other students), the test is one-tailed.
  9. A test that can be used with nominal data is:
  10. The Wilcoxon ranked sum test, is a nonparametric test. It is similar to the parametric independent samples t-test. According to Jackson, some of the assumptions of the Wilcoxon ranked sum test include:
  11. A Type II error is represented by “missing the findings” or failing to reject the null hypothesis when the null hypothesis is actually false.
  12. It is typically suggested that researchers avoid terms like “prove.” What is true with respect to this statement?
  13. The difference between population means in terms of standard deviations is called the effect size.
  14. If the population mean and the standard deviation is known, the researcher should use a _________.
  15. The z-test is a parametric statistical test that allows us to test the null hypothesis for a single sample when the population variance is known.
  16. Research designs that are group comparisons may include:
  17. In the true-experimental design, the independent variable is not actively being changed.
  18. A design in which participants are not randomly assigned but there is an independent variable being manipulated and a dependent variable being measured is a _______________________.
  19. A test that is designed to determine how well an observed frequency distribution of two nominal variables fits an expected pattern of frequencies is called the _____________.
  20. When creating groups, a researcher can feel more confident about how equivalent they are based on ___________________.
  21. A two-group experimental design that has the random selection, random assignment, or a mixture of both, and the dependent variable is measured in each group after the independent variable was manipulated. Then the DV measures for each group are compared. This group comparison research design is called a ______________________.
  22. In the Knight and Tetrault study guide, the authors discuss Creswell’s recommendations about which items should be included in the methods section of a research proposal. These include:
  23. Examples of quasi-experimental designs include ___________________.
  24. Since quasi-experimental research is on the continuum of robustness between true experimental design and correlational research:
  25. All of the following are necessary characteristics of the true experimental design except ________________.
  26. Confounding variables are:
  27. The post facto design can speak to the cause and effect of a relationship.
  28. An experimental design that has the random selection, random assignment, or a mixture of both, and the dependent variable is measured before and after the independent variable was manipulated, and then the pre-test and post-test scores are compared, is called a ______________________.
  29. An ANOVA is:
  30. The nonequivalent control group design involves a group comparison where the control group is equivalent to the research group.


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