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Get Guided Liberty University CJUS 550 Test 2

Get Guided Liberty University CJUS 550 Test 2

CJUS 550 Quiz 2

Set 1

  1. Female prisoners form homosexual relationships to compensate for the loss of other affectional relationships outside prison.
  2. CAPRA and SARA are acronyms that relate to the methodology of police problem-solving.
  3. The principle of ________ suggests that two offenders who commit the same crime in different states should receive about the same sentence.
  4. Brown v. Plata was a 2011 landmark case from California that dealt with
  5. Prison staffers are concerned with which two main issues?
  6. Incapacitation corresponds to the just deserts model of sentencing.
  7. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the core mission of the police changed to focus on terrorism.
  8. ________ programs often fail to increase community satisfaction because they focus on serving groups that are already satisfied with the police.
  9. What impact did the Ashurst-Sumners Act have on prisons?
  10. The deprivation model of prison subculture suggests that inmates bring values, roles, and behavior patterns from the outside world into prison with them.
  11. What was the purpose behind the Prison Litigation Reform Act?
  12. What was the original purpose of a jail?
  13. ________ is a sentencing goal that focuses on preventing the offender from committing crimes by reducing his or her opportunities for crime.
  14. ________ may be used by the defense to show reduced criminal responsibility and suggest a lesser sentence is called for.
  15. ________ is deducted from the amount of time an offender must serve in prison on a given sentence because the offender participated in a special project or program.
  16. Civil death is the legal status of inmates who lose most of their rights after being convicted of a crime.
  17. According to various studies, private prisons have not created significant cost savings for the states that use them.
  18. Because they are constrained by the legitimate needs of imprisonment, prisoners’ rights are considered to be ________.
  19. One of the leading formative influences on the staff culture of corrections officers is the
  20. Proportionality means that
  21. In prison argot, “crack kids” are
  22. Which of the following would probably not be an element of community policing?
  23. A(n) ________ includes information supplied by victims or survivors and is provided in court to help the judge make an informed sentencing decision.
  24. What is gender responsiveness? Why is it an important issue in corrections? Explain two of the National Institute of Correction’s recommendations regarding gender responsiveness in prison.
  25. Explain selective and collective incapacitation and discuss the advantages and problems with each strategy.

Set 2

  1. The Line Operation of a police department is associated with which type of police work?
  2. Police departments that enforce the letter of the law are known for the __________ style of police work.
  3. The ability of police officers to make choices of whether or not to apprehend, arrest, summons, or several other options is commonly known as:
  4. The International Justice and Public Safety Information Sharing Network are also known as:
  5. Which factor does not influence a police officer’s use of discretion?
  6. In 2013, which state became the third state to adopt racial impact legislation to study and prepare impact statements for proposed changes in sentencing, probation, and parole?
  7. What is the primary sentencing tool of the just deserts model?
  8. The opposite of mitigating circumstances in sentencing is:
  9. In 2004 the Crime Victims’ Rights Act established rights for victims:
  10. A sentence of 8 to 25 years is an example of a(n):
  11. ADMAX or administrative maximum is the term used by the federal government to denote:
  12. Historically, the most widely used physical punishment was flogging.
  13. According to the text, the largest growing population of jail inmates is:
  14. How many security levels have the BOP classified in the federal prison system?
  15. Which type of jail is a temporary confinement facility that eliminates many of the traditional barriers between inmates and correctional personnel, and is also called a modular jail, direct supervision jail, and indirect supervision jail?
  16. Gender responsiveness means understanding and taking account of the differences in characteristics and life experiences that women and men bring to the criminal justice system, and adjusting strategies and practices in ways that appropriately respond to those conditions.
  17. Which refers to the values and behavioral patterns characteristic of prison inmates.
  18. A wanton disregard by corrections personnel for the well‐being of inmates is known as:
  19. The inmate who thinks of prison as his home is called:
  20. The ten years between 1970 and 1980 have been called the ________ of prison riots.
  21. Describe the five goals of criminal sentencing

Set 3

  1. Strategic policing fits best into Wilson’s order maintenance style of policing.
  2. Career female offenders who have adapted to prison life and generally keep to themselves part o which style of adaptation to prison life?
  3. What was the original purpose of a jail?
  4. In community policing, the role of the police is to solve problems.
  5. One major staff concern in prison, ________, ensures order within the prison.
  6. Which of the following is probably not a reason behind the graying of America’s prison population?
  7. The deprivation model of prison subculture suggests that inmates bring values, roles, and behavior patterns from the outside world into prison with them.
  8. Sir Walter Crofton’s Irish system emphasized the need to reintegrate offenders back into the community prior to release.
  9. Most women’s prisons do not have programs specifically designed for female offenders.
  10. The service style of policing is based on order maintenance.
  11. Which of the following is not one of the main goals of contemporary sentencing?
  12. Which of the following statements about the prison subculture is false?
  13. The Supreme Court’s decision in the case of Furman v. Georgia was a statement against
  14. ________ is a proactive approach to the problem of crime.
  15. Until recently, ________ was the leading cause of death among prison inmates.
  16. The preliminary investigation is carried out by trained crime scene investigators.
  17. The protectionist argument justifying capital punishment is fairly weak because the underlying social interest can also be met by which other sentencing option?
  18. The day-fine system takes the offender’s financial resources into account.
  19. Modern ________ involve formal arrangements allowing inmates to file complaints about the conditions of confinement with the authorities and receive mandated responses.
  20. ________ are generally considered to be at the bottom of the staff hierarchy in prisons.
  21. The ________ capacity is the number of inmates that a prison can effectively accommodate based on an appraisal of the institution’s staff, programs, and services.
  22. In which case did the Supreme Court approve the separation of the determination of guilt from the determination of the sentence?
  23. Why did some inmates oppose the treatment model?
  24. List and define three of the five goals of criminal sentencing. Which of these goals do you believe is the most effective in dealing with defendants? Provide support for your opinion.
  25. Explain the prison subculture, the concept of privatization, and the evolution of the prison subculture. Discuss the two models used to explain the existence of prison subcultures.


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