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Get Guided NR 508 Week 4 Midterm Exam Study Guide: Filled (3 Versions)

Get Guided NR 508 Week 4 Midterm Exam Study Guide Filled 3 Versions


  1. First-line treatment for Heart Failure (CHF). 
  2. Treatment of acute heart failure and pulmonary edema. 
  3. Side effects of ACE inhibitors and mechanism of action of ACE inhibitors. 
  4. Which antihypertensive medication classes are contraindicated in patients with asthma? 
  5. Mechanism of action of Digoxin. 
  6. Uses and the mechanism of action of Penicillin. 
  7. …. of action, and side effects of Beta-Blockers. 
  8. Uses, mechanism of action, and side effects of Tetracyclines. 
  9. Usage of antiarrhythmics, their mechanisms of action, and side effects of antiarrhythmic agents.
  10. Treatment of Parkinson’s disease 
  11. First-line treatment of depression. 
  12. Preferred antidepressants used in the elderly (less anticholgenic effects) 
  13. Adverse effects associated with SSRIs 
  14. Medications used to treat depression: include SSRIs, SNRIs, DNRIs, etc. 
  15. SSRIs can be used in children 
  16. First-line treatment(s) for Alzheimer’s Disease 
  17. First-line treatment for generalized seizure management 
  18. Side effects of Carbamazepine and its lab monitoring
  19. Which common drugs require serum level monitoring 
  20. Role of the NP in practice and what guides NP practice. 
  21. Mechanism of action for oral contraceptives and contraindications of oral contraceptives.
  22. Mechanism(s) of action of antiprotozoal agents 
  23. Antifungal medications, and which antifungals treat different diseases and fungal infections 
  24. Contraindications when prescribing contraceptive management 
  25. Treatment(s) for Generalized Anxiety Disorder 
  26. Treatment(s) for ADHD and its monitoring 
  27. Role of the Drug Enforcement Administration 
  28. Treatment(s) for GERD

NR 508 Midterm Exam Consist of 50 Questions From a Random Test Bank of Questions from Chapters 1-4 (including Week 4 Content) and All Embedded Recorded Lectures.  Information is taken from the following Areas: Highlighted areas are areas to help you understand the concepts better they are in NO way an indication of what you are guaranteed to see on the exam. Remember these are random some of your classmates may not have the same question that appears on your exam.

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Get Guided NR 508 Week 4 Midterm Exam Study Guide: Filled (3 Versions)
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