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Get Guided NR 511 Week 2 Quiz (10 out of 10 Points)

Get Guided NR 511 Week 2 Quiz


  1. Question: CO1 A rash that looks like the patient was … on the cheeks of the face is the hallmark characteristic for which disease?
  2. Question: CO4 A 4-year-old presents to the clinic with his mother complaining of an itchy rash, mostly between his fingers. The rash has been present for days and has been getting worse. The patient recently started at a new daycare. On physical exam, the patient is afebrile and has multiple small (1-2 mm) red papules in sets of 3 located in the web spaces between his fingers. He also has signs of excoriation. What is the treatment for this problem?
  3. Question: CO1 A 25-year-old male presents to urgent care complaining of genital pruritus. On physical exam, the patient has small, erythematous, … papules in his pubic hair. No mites are identified. There is no penile discharge, and the patient has no constitutional symptoms. He is sexually active but wears condoms during all sexual experiences. What is the most likely diagnosis
  4. Question: CO1 Which of the following patients does not have an increased risk of candida infection?
  5. Question: CO4 A 20-year-old presents to the office in the summer complaining of chest discoloration. He is a lifeguard and has been out in the sun without a shirt on for extended periods of time. His physical exam shows small, flat, circular, hypopigmented macules on his chest that he states are mildly pruritic. What is the treatment of choice for this diagnosis?
  6. Question: CO4 A 3-year-old patient presents to the office with her mother. She has recently started in daycare. Her mother noted slight perioral erythema on the right side of the patient’s mouth last night before bed. The patient awoke today with 3 small, superficial, honey-colored vesicles in the location of the erythema. The patient has no surrounding erythema presently. She had no difficulty eating this morning and is active and energetic and does not appear lethargic or fatigued. She is afebrile. How would you treat this child?
  7. Question: CO1 A 22-year-old college student presents to the urgent care clinic complaining of a rash. She was recently on spring break and spent every night in the hot tub at her hotel. On physical exam, she has multiple small areas of 1- to 2-mm erythematous pustules that are present mostly where her bathing suit covered her buttocks. What is the most likely pathogen causing these lesions?
  8. Question: CO2 A 27-year-old presents to the primary care office complaining of a perioral rash. The patient noticed burning around her lips a couple of days ago which quickly went away. She awoke from sleep yesterday and noticed a group of vesicles with erythematous bases where the burning had been before. There is no burning today. She is afebrile and has no difficulty eating or swallowing. What test would confirm her diagnosis?
  9. Question: CO1 The “herald patch” is present in almost all cases of:
  10. Question: CO1 Your patient accidentally cut his cheek while shaving 3 days ago. Today, the region is warm, erythematous, swollen, and has the appearance of an orange peel. There is a serious exudate coming from the wound. This is most likely due to:

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Get Guided NR 511 Week 2 Quiz (10 out of 10 Points)
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