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Get Guided NR 602 Week 7 STD Healthy People 2020 Discussion: Gonorrhea

Get Guided NR 602 Week 7 STD Healthy People 2020 Discussion Gonorrhea


Application of Course Knowledge

STD presentation contributes unique perspectives/insights applicable to the results from the physical exam and data. Initial presentation in paragraph format using the following elements:

  1. Background information about the disease
  2. Local statistics
  3. Signs & Symptoms
  4. Side effects of medication
  5. Treatments
  6. Follow-Up Care
  7. Long-term health outcomes
  8. Psychosocial

Support from Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)

STD initial presentation discussion is supported by evidence from four (4) appropriate sources –One from an EBP Clinical Guidelines and three from Peer Reviewed Journal Articles from Chamberlain Online Library published within the last 5 years. In-text citations and full references are provided.

Interactive Dialogue with Peers

Responds substantively to at least two topic-related posts of a peer including evidence from appropriate sources by the due date Friday, 11:59 p.m. MT.

  • For your peer’s assigned STI, offer at least one evidence-based action plan that is measurable and could be implemented in the community to decrease the incidence of the STD/STI.
  • Discuss at least one opposition or barrier to the proposed action plan.

Interactive Dialogue with Faculty

Responds to faculty questions posted to the student’s own post and at least two questions posted by faculty under a peer’s post. 


Presents STD summary in a logical, meaningful, and understandable sequence. The summary post is submitted by the due date and includes all of the following required elements:

  • Includes 3 evidenced-based action plans for the STD you were assigned (at least one must be yours, but you may include two of your peer’s recommendations)
  • Each action plan must include an evidence-based in-text citation
  • Includes at least one opposition or barrier to each action plan Includes a summary of your peer’s responses to your initial post.

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Get Guided NR 602 Week 7 STD Healthy People 2020 Discussion: Gonorrhea
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