Get Guided Penn Foster 037845


Get Guided Penn Foster 037845


1. Describe the difference between a subroutine and a function.

2. Compare passing an argument by reference to passing an argument by value.

3. List four of the simple data types you’re most likely to use in and what types of data they might be used for.

4. Compare a Do While. . .Loop to a Do Until. . .Loop.

5. Describe what an object is in object-oriented programing.

6. Describe class inheritance.

7. What is an event?

8. What are the four database operations commonly performed by applications, and what is the function of each database operation?

9. What method would you use to display a dialog to the user?

10. When you compile a class library project, what type of file is created?

11. What are the two main ways to reuse controls between applications?

12. Describe the difference between a reader/writer class and a stream class.

Part B: Fill ¡n the blank. Each answer is worth four points.

1. A ————— is used to pass data to a method.
2. A value outside of an expected range or data type is known as a/an —————.
3. A ————— is a method called whenever a new object of a class is to be created.
4. A ————— is used to tell an object how to do something; ————— describe(s) the features of an object.

Part C: Practical coding. Each answer is worth 12 points.
Consider the following code snippet and then answer the questions relating to the code.
Dim into as Integer = 0
Intex += 1
Loop until into = 0

1. What is the code an example of? How would you change this code to make the loop end after 10 iterations?

2. Write the code to declare and populate an array of five items.
‘1) Declare an array of 5 Items

3. Create a two-button message box named Decision Time. Your message box should tell the user “It is time to make a choice.” Provide buttons for OK and/or Cancel.


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