Get Guided PSYC 317 Exam 3


Get Guided Liberty PSYC 317 Exam 3

  1. An eating disorder in which a person starves him or herself and refuses to maintain adequate nutrition is called:
  2. The grief and loss process (for clients) is
  3. PTSD in veterans is often related to:
  4. During middle childhood, the major role changes going on for the child deal with:
  5. Many elderly struggles with issues of:
  6. According to Kanel, __________ is a survival technique (for counselors) and essential when providing services to those who have experienced trauma. (7)
  7. The counselor needs to assist a grieving person in the:
  8. A person with an eating disorder presents multiple symptoms similar to a(n):
  9. People who divorce are at risk for:
  10. Children whose parents go through a divorce may suffer from:
  11. When a person feels like life is no longer the same and things don’t seem real. They report feeling as though they are walking around in a fog. This is called: (7)
  12. The developmental concern of girls dating too early is the increased risk of:
  13. Which of the following is NOT considered a task of mourning?
  14. Throughout the lifespan, a person is most likely to develop all of the following except:
  15. suggests a crisis can develop from a transitional stage in life.
  16. Which of the following is the correct order of the phases of community disaster?
  17. Which of the following is considered an invisible wound?
  18. The term shell shock is associated with which veterans of which war?
  19. Which of the following is most likely to cause PTSD?
  20. When counseling an individual with PTSD, it is important to assist the client in (7)
  21. Critical incident debriefing includes all of the following EXCEPT:
  22. What symptoms are the veterans of the 2003 Iraqi war suffering from according to Kanel’s 2007 study?
  23. A seven-year-old struggles with feelings of inferiority as he struggles with being able to throw a ball like his peers. This is considered to be:
  24. A 21-year-old college student presents in the ER with suicidal thoughts. During the evaluation, you discover that he has recently found out that he is infected with HIV. He shares with you that he has had many partners during his 4 years in college and just recently contracted HIV. He knows with whom he is attracted to HIV and has spoken with her. It is reasonable to say that he was living a life based on which of the following paradigms?
  25. Military culture tends to view the use of mental health services as a sign of:
  26. Parents who lose a child to death often prefer:
  27. The goal of counseling a person with PTSD is to _______________________. (7)
  28. Which of the following is NOT a period that is typically challenging for a person who has experienced the loss of a loved one?
  29. The empty nest syndrome is part of the crisis of which stage?
  30. Bereavement is:
  31. OIF stands for:
  32. The theoretical concept of understanding developmental crises includes:
  33. Vets centers are often located in:
  34. OEF stands for:
  35. The ultimate goal of grief/loss crisis therapy is to
  36. Which of the following is NOT one of the four tasks of mourning proposed by Worden (1982)?
  37. A 20-year-old female presents in your outpatient office with the following symptoms: loss of appetite, thoughts of being too fat, weighing 18% less than what the norm is for her size, and being lethargic. After assessing the client you determine her current state is severe, your first step is to:
  38. PTSD is synonymous with: (7)
  39. A 30-year-old man lost his job 1 year ago. His wife and family were surprised at how well he seemed to take it. He never showed any emotion and acts as if everything is “ok”. Although bills are piling up and his house is headed for foreclosure, he is still waiting for the “perfect” job. According to Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, he is in which of the following stages? (6)
  40. Which of the following is NOT one of the stages of killing?
  41. A major emotional cause of teen runaways is:
  42. is a condition that occurs within 1 month of severe trauma. (7)
  43. During which stage of development might a crisis worker teach parents how to deal with power struggles?
  44. Which of the following are symptoms of PTSD?
  45. Grief refers to:
  46. A 20-year-old Marine has returned to the US from combat while in Afghanistan and is currently recovering in a military hospital. Six weeks earlier he was riding in the backseat of a military hummer when three members of his team were killed by a roadside ambush. Although he was wounded, he survived. Throughout the nighttime ambush and recovery (6 hours), he remained conscious but unable to move. The nurses have noticed that he sleeps during the day and stays awake at night. And, he has an exaggerated response of hiding when a large truck passes his window. You are called and asked to complete an evaluation. Based on the limited information noted above you diagnose the marine with: (8)
  47. Which need best describes why an adolescent might “act out?”
  48. Which of the following is the correct order of Kubler-Ross’stages of death and dying?
  49. Which of the following could lead to PTSD? (7)
  50. Females with the highest risk for developing an eating disorder are:

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