Get Guided SOCS 185N Week 7 Assignment Team Project


Get Guided SOCS 185N Week 7 Assignment Team Project



For the team project, you are required to create a narrated PowerPoint presentation with audio and/or video within the PowerPoint. The goal of this activity is for the team members to discover and present what they have in common with each other in a sociological context. The presentation must include the following:

  1. Introductions: One member can introduce the others, or each member can introduce himself/herself.
  2. Introduce each team member as a sociologist might, detailing family, culture, and background.
  3. Consider what types of categories a sociologist might use to describe each member and compare and contrast each member.
  4. Audio Narration: At least one member must narrate. The team can decide if one member, more than one member, or all members contribute to the narration.
  5. Engagement: Be sure to deliver the presentation in a professional and engaging manner.
  6. Citations: Include parenthetical in-text citations in the slide presentation citing at least 4 outside scholarly sources and assigned textbook/lesson reading to support observations made in the presentation.
  7. Only one team member needs to submit the PowerPoint file into the assignment dropbox for each team. Each member is responsible to double check and make sure the selected submitter did, in fact, submit the assignment by the deadline.

Presentation Requirements (APA format)

  1. Narration Length: 5 to 10 minutes
  2. Slide Length: Minimum of 1 slide per team member; minimum of 1 slide comparing and contrasting sociocultural factors of team members (not including title slide and references slide)
  3. Title Slide
  4. References slide (minimum of 4 outside scholarly sources plus the textbook/lesson)

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