Get Solved ACCT 564 Entire Course Guide Week 1 – 8


Get Solved ACCT 564 Entire Course Guide Week 1-8


ACCT-564 Week 1 Homework Assignment
ACCT 564 Week 1 Discussion Topic 1 – The Multinational Corporation
ACCT-564 Week 1 Discussion Topic 2 – Accounting Diversity
ACCT 564 Week 2 Homework Assignment
ACCT-564 Week 2 Discussion Topic 1 – Accounting Harmonization
ACCT 564 Week 2 Discussion Topic 2 – IFRS Vs U.S. GAAP
ACCT-564 Week 3 Homework Assignment
ACCT 564 Week 3 Discussion Topic 1 – Codification and IFRS
ACCT-564 Week 3 Discussion Topic 2 – Comparative Accounting
ACCT 564 Week 4 Homework Assignment
ACCT-564 Week 4 Discussion Topic 1 – Foreign Exchange Risk
ACCT 564 Week 4 Discussion Topic 2 – Foreign Currency Translation
ACCT-564 Week 4 Midterm
ACCT 564 Week 5 Homework Assignment
ACCT-564 Week 5 Discussion Topic 1 – Int’l Financial Reporting
ACCT 564 Week 5 Discussion Topic 2 – Int’l Financial Statements
ACCT-564 Week 6 Homework Assignment
ACCT 564 Week 6 Discussion Topic 1 – Int’l Taxation
ACCT-564 Week 6 Discussion Topic 2 – Tax Treaties
ACCT 564 Week 7 Homework Assignment
ACCT-564 Week 7 Discussion Topic 1 – Capital Budgeting
ACCT 564 Week 7 Discussion Topic 2 – Transfer Pricing
ACCT-564 Week 8 Final Exam

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