Get Solved BIOS 251 Week 4 Midterm Exam


Get Solved BIOS 251 Week 4 Midterm Exam


BIOS 251 Week 4 Midterm Solutions

  1. Question: Structures of the body that can … without a
  2. Question: Which of the following are life processes in humans? Select all that apply
  3. Question: ______ is the condition of equilibrium in the body’s internal environment.
  4. Question: This directional means on the opposite side of the body from another structure
  5. Question: Changing the number of neutrons in an atom will change the atoms _____ .
  6. Question: The starting substances of a chemical reaction are … as the______.
  7. Question: An element willing to give up a hydrogen and has a low pH is … as a(n) _____ .
  8. Question: The picture to the right is an example of what kind of chemical?
  9. Question: What is the name of the organelle the arrow is pointing to in the picture?
  10. Question: Which of the following is … an active transport process?
  11. Question: What is the site of translation?
  12. Question: What is the phase of cell replication … in the picture?
  13. Question: What is the cell junction that uses cadherin and has an intercellular space left between the cells?
  14. Question: Identify the main tissue in the picture.
  15. Question: Identify the connective tissue subtype in the picture.

BIOS 251 Week 4 LAB Midterm

  1. Question: Atoms bonded together to form a chemical unit are called
  2. Question: When one atom has a stronger attraction for … electrons in a bond than the other atom, a(an) ___________ covalent bond is formed.
  3. Question: The lower the pH,
  4. Question: Organic compounds always contain ___________ atoms.
  5. Question: Which of the following is NOT a monosaccharide?
  6. Question: Glycogen is
  7. Question: How many different amino acids compose all human polypeptides (proteins)?
  8. Question: The coiling or folding of a polypeptide chain is the ________ structure of a protein.
  9. Question: If a protein has more than one polypeptide … together, this is the ____ structure of a protein.
  10. Question: Any process that causes an irreversible change in the shape of a protein is …
  11. Question: Which of the following molecules is the primary energy carrier in cells?
  12. Question: The period of interphase when DNA is … is the
  13. Question: Cytokinesis occurs during
  14. Question: Several layers of epithelial cells with columnar basal cells and squamous free surface cells would …
  15. Question: Which of the following is a type of loose fibrous connective tissue?
  16. Question: What type of connective tissue is … of all three types of fibers, has a spider-web appearance, and binds tissues together?
  17. Question: The epidermis
  18. Question: Which is the most dangerous form of skin cancer?
  19. Question: Pain is rarely felt from a
  20. Question: Match the following terms to the image:

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BIOS 251 Week 4 Midterm
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