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Get Solved BMAL 560 Quiz Midterm

Get Solved BMAL 560 Quiz Midterm


  1. The World Bank makes currency exchange easier for member countries so that they can participate in global
  2. Which of the following are examples of natural monopolies?
  3. Businesses must develop their own definition of what is right and wrong, apart from
  4. At the beginning of the 20th century, no country in the world had universal
  5. A free enterprise system refers to:
  6. The concept of corporate social responsibility is rooted in the meaning “to pledge back,” creating a commitment to give back to society and the organization’s
  7. Experts attribute the growth of nongovernmental organizations to:
  8. Global social audit standards concentrate on:
  9. Monetary policies refer to policies that affect the supply, demand, and value of the nation’s currency.
  10. According to Barlow A.P. Smith Manufacturing:
  11. People’s ethical beliefs come from:
  12. Good corporate citizens:
  13. Total social regulation costs are:
  14. When something stands out from a background, is seen as important, or draws attention it is:
  15. Businesses should stick to pursuing profits and have no legal right to be engaged in political
  16. The typical public affairs executive spends most of the day:
  17. The purpose of the World Trade Organization is to:
  18. Regulation can be argued as justified based on:
  19. Which of the following examples best illustrates an ethical issue based on cross-cultural contradictions?
  20. Since 2011, the total amount spent on lobbying activity has been:
  21. Proponents against corporate social responsibility feel that public officials, not business people, should solve societal problems because:
  22. Contemporary issue management:
  23. Under S. law, lobbying activities must be disclosed publicly.
  24. Businesses must wait for a public issue to arise before forming a political
  25. Governments being asked to regulate driving distractions are examples of a public policy:
  26. Past decisions of the courts, the original basis for the S. legal system, are called:
  1. Regulation cannot be applied to international business
  2. The term “race to the bottom” refers to:
  3. A national healthcare policy is an example of an economic
  4. Expert witnesses provide information to legislators for businesses or business
  5. The main purpose of inversion is to reduce corporate income tax
  6. Proponents of business as a political participant argue:
  7. Modern corporations should be socially responsible because they:
  8. Businesses and trade associations spend very little on
  9. According to utilitarian reasoning, an action is ethically preferred when its benefits outweigh its
  10. Predatory pricing is a violation of antitrust
  11. Urgency refers to the extent to which a stakeholder’s actions are seen as proper or appropriate by the broader
  12. Economic regulations aim at modifying the normal operations of the free market and the forces of supply and
  13. Public policy tools involve a combination of:
  14. An example of an international financial and trade institution is:
  15. becomes
  16. Stakeholders involved with one part of a company often may have little or no involvement with another part of the
  17. The interests of different stakeholders often
  18. Which of the following examples does not show a company guided by enlightened self-interest?
  19. The government’s role is to create and enforce laws that:
  20. According to an annual Gallup poll, which occupation was consistently ranked the highest for honesty and ethics?
  21. Firms are more likely to have a sophisticated political strategy when the company is a frequent target of public
  22. Which of these is not an objective of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)?
  23. The information strategy tool most used by businesses is:
  24. The reason(s) behind the uncertainty of an ethical or unethical decision is (are) that different people and groups:


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Get Solved BMAL 560 Quiz Midterm
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