Get Solved CCOU 201 Quiz 1


Get Solved CCOU 201 Quiz 1


  1. According to the text under challenging transforming change, most outcome research studies do not just focus on symptom reduction.
  2. Regarding “hunger and relationships,” counselors must have their ____ needs filled adequately if they intend to help clients with their interrelational problems.
  3. According to the text, counselors must establish what so that they can continue to objectively and effectively help clients.
  4. What was found to be the actual problem for Eileen?
  5. According to the text, the destruction of American families is resulting in children 10-15 years after their parent’s divorce continuing to battle with the resulting unhappiness.
  6. Which of the following is listed as the first foundation in order for a counselor to establish a position of strength and authority in counseling?
  7. Counselor competence is greatly enhanced when we build from a solid theological foundation.
  8. As indicated in Scripture, God equips some people with gifts to be counselors, therefore, this is a good motivation to becoming one.
  9. A very significant area of study and debate in counseling today surrounds the issue of what?
  10. When the client’s anxiety disrupts the stability of the counselor
  11. Healthy sexuality means the counselor ______ sexual advances made by clients.
  12. More and more people are understanding that many/emotional disorders are serious issues like cancer and diabetes.
  13. Which liberal religious magazine told two stories of mainline church pastors who were transformed by Christ and become “post-liberals?”
  14. A wisdom theology of caregiving is especially commended to counselors, as it incorporates both the creating and redemptive visions of God and is applicable to problems in everyday life
  15. Christ-empowered change, which can be understood as the power in counseling and psychotherapy is what?
  16. Counselors should always feel the need to fill the void of silence in counseling to best serve the client.
  17. It is better for the counselor to be in a disposition that is “demanding” in the counselor-client relationship as they are the professionals expected to create change.
  18. According to Gallup and Jones, what percentage of Americans desire a more intimate relationship with God?
  19. According to the text, what did Eileen struggle with when initially visiting the author of the text?
  20. Over the last several decades, research studies have proven the efficacy of counseling. Moreover, ____ and faith-based psychotherapy have skyrocketed, showing the values of “___ meets counseling.”
  21. Christian counseling is a war for what?
  22. What is true regarding the meaning of the term positive regard according to the authors of this book?
  23. What is defined in the text as “saving a client instead of empowering a client to save him/herself?
  24. What is it called when counselors believe they can heal everyone?
  25. The term “warn” as referred to in the text comes from the root word mind and is the seat of consciousness that includes:
  26. According to the book, churches involved in evangelism and outreach may show even higher rates of disorder because they are fulfilling what?
  27. According to the text, building an effective caring and counseling ministry starts with what?
  28. The cynic might say that God reveals Himself in such complex ways to confuse and distress us with mysteries we cannot understand, puzzles we cannot unravel. According to the text, the believer might assert a simpler, more direct reason:
  29. All counseling and psychotherapy are deeply value-based.
  30. Counseling, as a profession, usually attracts ____ and ____ persons.
  31. According to what the authors asserted in The Soul Care Bible, the ___ is critical to the care and solace of those suffering from mental disorders. These people are often very isolated, fearful, confused, and in need of unconditional love to return to the vital living.”
  32. _____ was mentioned in the text under transforming change as stating “counseling models that do not consciously set Christ at the center may be useful to some degree, but are insufficient models because clinically we have all encountered persons who, after years of work, are still stuck, still oppressed.”
  33. Many Christians rightly believe that accepting a chronic understanding of a disorder is tantamount to a failed faith.
  34. Which of the following is NOT listed as an encumbering effect of fatherlessness among American youth?
  35. According to the text, what role in effective counselors is described as an “expert guide” where the counselor helps the client troubleshoot a situation or make important life decisions?
  36. According to the text, “if the population in our pews is representative of the world around us, ____ in _____ of those pew-sitters in the U.S. struggles with a diagnosable mental disorder with hew receiving help or direction.”
  37. _______ is a lifelong process of being made incrementally more like Christ
  38. Which of the following is NOT one of the “four legs” the book mentions must work together in harmony and mutual respect so that the church is not overwhelmed by sins and mental troubles?
  39. Constructing a personal model or style of intervention is a developmental process that every counselor must engage in to be fruitful in one’s work.
  40. Which of the following best fits into this statement according to the text? It does not take long to learn that one of the most important ingredients is _____ in the counseling relationship.


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