Get Solved CCOU 302 Quiz 7


Get Solved CCOU 302 Quiz 7


CCOU 302 Quiz 7

  1. It is important for parents to be:
  2. Emotion coaching helps us to:
  3. What is NOT one of the benefits for children who have a parent who implements emotional coaching?
  4. Clinton and Sibcy discuss that in order for discipline to work effectively, a parent must:
  5. One makes deposits into a child’s emotional bank account whenever there is conflict or stress in the relationship.
  6. Parents make withdrawals in their child’s emotional bank account whenever:
  7. Which one is NOT an emotion coaching tip?
  8. Emotion coaching involves learning to ignore and suppress the emotions of life.
  9. Attachment begins when a child is about ____ months old.
  10. It is important to make a withdrawal from a child’s emotional bank account when they are misbehaving.
  11. A good portion of the sin we commit comes from the choices we make as we attempt to soothe our discomfort.
  12. Emotion coaching is all about the child and has nothing to do with the parent understanding their own emotions.
  13. If a child misbehaves during banking sessions, try to ignore the behavior and avoid eye contact, or if necessary, end the banking session.
  14. Children whose parents use emotional coaching have all of the following EXCEPT:
  15. Parents always remember the special time they had with their children, so tracking it is not needed or appropriate.
  16. Strengthening a bond between a child and parent in times of stress does not include:
  17. Emotion coaching is best learned through words, then actions.
  18. Fewer than ____% of young boys and girls experience at least an hour per day in one on one contact with their fathers.
  19. In order for banking time to be effective, it must be consistent and Clinton and Sibcy suggest a minimum of ________ sessions a week.
  20. An attachment wound is anything that seriously strengthens the attachment relationship.


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