Get Solved CHHI 510 Quiz First Century


Get Solved CHHI 510 Quiz First Century


CHHI 510 Quiz: First Century to the Present

  1. Calvinism was taken to Scotland by
  2. The Council of Nicaea I rejected
  3. The Council of Nicaea II confirmed
  4. Patrick was a British-born Roman noble who carried the gospel to
  5. In England, the dominant voice of dissent within the Anglican Church came from the
  6. Charles Finney shifted the emphasis on conversion to
  7. Cyprian of Carthage was martyred during which Emperor’s persecution?
  8. Philip Melanchthon became the leader of the Lutheran movement after the death of
  9. The _________ and the church-going bell chime in with each other.
  10. What is the authoritative basis for religious truth, according to Schleiermacher?
  11. According to the Westminster Confession, the infallible rule of interpretation of Scripture is
  12. The first significant challenge to Calvinistic orthodoxy came from
  13. The Council of Ephesus rejected Nestorianism and
  14. Martin Luther posted his Ninety-five Thesis to the castle church door in Wittenburg on
  15. Which of the following was not a pre-Reformation reformer?
  16. The categorial imperative can be described as the ethical theory that absolute moral commands are rooted in
  17. On November 10, 1793, the Church of Notre Dame was renamed
  18. Constantinople fell to the Seljuk Turks in
  19. The Council of Chalcedon, in expressing the doctrine of the incarnation, adopted
  20. The first monastery of the Benedictine order was founded at
  21. Andrew Fuller and William Carey, the “Fathers of Modern Missions,” were
  22. Which of the following heresies was prominent before Nicaea and opposed by Tertullian?
  23. The great scholastic theologian of the Eastern Church was
  24. Luther and Zwingli failed to unite the Reformation movement because of a disagreement over
  25. Constantine issued the Edict of Milan in
  26. John Calvin’s most influential work was his
  27. Which of the following is not an Arminian group?
  28. The so-called “Five Points of Calvinism” originated with
  29. The sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” was preached by
  30. Which of the following works was written by an early Apologist?
  31. The movement known as “Pietism” was founded in response to the deadness of Lutheran formalism by
  32. Papal infallibility was made a matter of sacred doctrine at which council?
  33. The Great Schism occurred because the pope had added this phrase to the Nicene Creed.
  34. The First Crusade began after a rousing sermon by
  35. “Enlightenment was of the _____. Secularization is of the _____.
  36. Friedrich Schleiermacher, the “founder of modern theology,” was brought up as a
  37. Which of the following was an early Christian text that ultimately was not included in the NT canon?
  38. The leader of the Swiss Reformation after the death of Zwingli was
  39. The Act of Supremacy recognizes the king or queen of England as what?
  40. Menno Simons’s followers were known as
  41. The Anabaptists were persecuted throughout Europe by
  42. King Henry VIII broke with the Church of Rome in order to
  43. Christianity outside the West, and across denominational boundaries, is spreading fastest in the form of
  44. The Council of Trent decreed this edition of the Scripture as authentic.
  45. The Anabaptist movement in Switzerland grew out of a study group led by
  46. Founded in the early 900s, this monastery launched significant medieval Church reforms
  47. The premier Catholic theologian of the Medieval period and the author of Summa Theologica was
  48. John Hick’s “Copernican Revolution” in theology is essentially
  49. According to Vatican II, other religions often have
  50. The Cappadocian Fathers influenced the outcome of the Council of


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