Get Solved CHMN 201 Quiz Thinking Like Jesus


Get Solved CHMN 201 Quiz Thinking Like Jesus


CHMN 201 Quiz: Thinking Like Jesus

  1. According to Gutierrez (Chapter One), Which one of the following options is NOT one of the three “Actions” that comprise the “Unity Checklist?”
  2. According to Gutierrez (Chapter Three), “If you want to bring honor and Glory to God, the best way you can do it is to…”
  3. According to Gutierrez (Chapter Five), “If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, my prayer for you is that your words would not merely be perfunctory acts of liturgy, but rather…”
  4. According to Gutierrez (Chapter One), “In fact, if you were to read all of Paul’s letters in the New Testament (Romans – Philemon; thirteen letters total) and count how many times you come across this word [mind], you would find it only twenty-three times. What is even more interesting is that _____ of those occurrences are found in this little four-chapter Book of Philippians!”
  5. According to Gutierrez (Appendix – Figure 1 – Chart of Philippians 2:1-11), which verses comprise the “Three-fold Mindset – Described (Descriptive)?”
  6. According to Gutierrez (Chapter One), “It brings honor and glory to God when we love one another – Unity of Affection – because…”
  7. According to Gutierrez (Preface), “Only after you acknowledge that Jesus Christ is indeed the incarnate God Himself, that He lived a sinless life, that Jesus Christ’s death on the cross is the only sacrifice that is able to provide a payment for your sins, and that Jesus Christ physically rose from the dead in bodily form, and repent of your sins and ask Jesus Christ to save you from your sin and to be your Savior – THEN, will you be able to receive the benefit of being able to live out Mind of Christ!”
  8. According to Gutierrez (Chapter Two), “God will sustain you with His encouragement that is neither empty nor fleeting by informing you of
  9. According to Gutierrez (Preface), “Jesus’ title or personal name occurs ___ times within these ___ verses!”
  10. According to Gutierrez (Chapter Three), “Our concern should not only be expressed in _____ terms but in _____ terms and with
  11. According to Gutierrez (Chapter Five), “True, God-honoring praise requires a heart that first has acknowledged its _____ and _____ for Jesus alone to cleanse it from unrighteousness.”
  12. According to Gutierrez (Chapter Two), “So, in order to keep our minds humble and protected from becoming “holier than thou,” we should consider our time interacting with others as a privilege and an honor – but there still needs to be a level of reverential respect between you and the church member – especially if you are a pastor!”
  13. Gutierrez says in Chapter Four, “If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, I want to encourage you not to ever utter the word “____” without thinking of this beautiful verse [Phil.2:8].”
  14. “The problem is that when Paul penned the words in Philippians 2:5 (“Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus”) he never intended them to be applied in a specific sense. He never intended these words to be a specific statement for a possible counseling situation and for a decision in a believer’s life. Paul had a much more general application in mind when he penned these words — very general!
  15. According to Gutierrez (Chapter Five), “If, after hearing us preach, teach, or sing, people walk away and talk more about how “great” we are and how “impressed” they are with our skill and talent — rather than talking about how great our God is — …”
  16. According to Gutierrez (Chapter Two), “Remember, God’s Word is likened to “_____.” And if you saturate yourself with the Word of God, you are going to be able to discern anything that is not __
  17. According to Gutierrez (Preface), “The Book of Philippians teaches that the reader who desires to know the Mind of Christ must first know…”
  18. According to Gutierrez (Chapter Two), “_____ is a word that means “empty accolades and opinions” of man.”
  19. According to Gutierrez (Appendix – Figure 1 – Chart of Philippians 2:1-11), which verses comprise the “Transition?”
  20. According to Gutierrez (Chapter Two), part of putting humility into practice is to do self-examination regularly.
  21. According to Gutierrez (Chapter Four), “When the Holy Spirit inspired the Word of God, He chose to use the word “cross” more often than any other word to describe Jesus’ sacrifice because God wanted us to remember that our precious Lord spared no embarrassment, no guilt, and no shame as he sacrificed His life for the sin of the world!”
  22. According to Gutierrez (Chapter One), “When the Bible instructs you to “Let this mind be in you,” it is implying that if you want to have the Mind of Christ you must also change your thinking.”
  23. According to Gutierrez (Chapter Two), “Remember, it is not the _____ that makes a response reflect the attitude of humility; it is always the _____ behind the
  24. According to Gutierrez (Chapter Three), “Selflessness, therefore, has a quota that can ultimately be fulfilled!”
  25. According to Gutierrez (Chapter One), “The Bible is mandating “Unity of Purpose,” not
  26. According to Gutierrez (Chapter Three), selflessness is a continual, constant act of focusing on the interests of others.
  27. According to Gutierrez (Chapter Three), “Admittedly, you can perform a singular act that resembles selflessness, but you cannot brand yourself as a selfless person unless your life is characterized by a heart attitude that
  28. According to Gutierrez (Chapter Four), “There is no reason why church congregations cannot brave any storm, so long as all the people involved are living out the Mind of Christ.”
  29. According to Gutierrez (Chapter Two), “It is not weakness to acknowledge the daily safeguards that you must implement in order to protect you from your flesh – it is wisdom!”
  30. According to Gutierrez (Introduction), “The Mind of Christ is an incomprehensible mystery.”
  31. According to Gutierrez (Chapter One), “the mind of Christ is an attitude.”
  32. According to Gutierrez (Appendix), what is the problem with searching for the specific teaching of the Mind of Christ in verses six through eight? The problem is …”
  33. According to Gutierrez (Chapter Five), “We compromise the Biblical balance that is presented in scripture if we find ourselves praising man and attributing to him a level of greatness that rivals the greatness of God rather than ushering due praise to the God Who gave that man the abilities he has.”
  34. According to Gutierrez (Chapter Two), “Self-promoters eventually reveal themselves to everyone because the ones who desire to promote themselves begin to deceive themselves in believing that they are better disguisers of their motives than they really are!”
  35. According to Gutierrez (Chapter Two), “Pride is a weapon that enjoys destroying people’s lives. Pride plays no favorites. Pride will turn on you just as quickly as it clung to you upon your summoning it to be your partner in ministry. Pride will destroy your ministry!”
  36. According to Gutierrez (Chapter Four), Which one of the following options is NOT one of “the three ways in which Jesus stripped Himself of His Majestic Glory and humbled Himself?”
  37. According to Gutierrez (Introduction), “The mind of Christ is a general, ambiguous cliché that cannot be specifically defined and thus hard to apply and explain.”
  38. According to Gutierrez (Chapter Four), “Any theological teaching that is able to be abstracted from Philippians 2:6-8 is a mere by-product to the main point of these verses!”
  39. According to Gutierrez (Chapter Three), “Our purpose for inquiring as to what is going on in the lives of our friends and family members is not to pry or to satisfy our curiosity, but to see how we can offer our support, prayers, or simply just a listening ear – for the benefit of the other person.”
  40. According to Gutierrez (Chapter Four), “There is never an experience so dire, turbulent, cataclysmic, supernatural, or colossal that your church can ever experience that it can’t handle, if…”
  41. According to Gutierrez (Chapter One), “’ Unity of Affection’ is another way of saying that you have a deep commitment to love one another no matter the personality or physical differences.”
  42. According to Guiterrez (Chapter One), “Unity of Purpose means that, amid the many diverse personalities and skill sets of the people within our churches and ministries, we need to make sure we maintain _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ that we are involved in church work or a Christian ministry.”
  43. According to Gutierrez (Appendix), “Regardless if in your own human thinking, you rationalize that His way will not work out for the best, you need to at the outset purpose in your heart to obey God no matter how tempted you are to turn away from His teaching.”
  44. According to Gutierrez (Appendix – Figure 1 – Chart of Philippians 2:1-11), which verses comprise the “Rationale?”
  45. According to Gutierrez (Appendix – Figure 1 – Chart of Philippians 2:1-11), which verses comprise the “Three-fold Mindset – Prescribed (Prescriptive)?”
  46. List and explain the three phases that provide our three-fold Unity Checklist.


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