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Get Solved COUC 504 Quiz Cultural Identity

Get Solved COUC 504 Quiz Cultural Identity


COUC 504 Quiz 1: Cultural Identity Development

Module 1: Week 1

  1. There is evidence that counselors may __________ culturally diverse clients due to prejudice.
  2. The largest number of foreign-born individuals originate from
  3. When working with culturally diverse clients, it is essential to remember that there are more __________ differences than __________ differences.
  4. Developing multicultural counseling competency involves a
  5. The statement, “I love that my child’s school is diverse. It is wonderful that all children can take advantage of the excellent educational standards and resources like those in our community” is indicative of the __________ status of Helms’ White Racial Identity Development Model.
  6. Research suggests that individuals’ cultural identities take shape during _____ and are necessary for the development of a healthy self-concept and cultural socialization.
  7. Which of the following may be appropriate ways for a counselor to address a client’s spiritual identity in counseling?
  8. Ethnic identity development is
  9. McGoldrick et al. believe that the U.S. is a “melting pot”.
  10. McGoldrick et al. note that the definition of a family is inconsistent across cultures.
  11. McGoldrick et al. believe the U.S. census process has been very helpful in undermining White privilege.
  12. Using an etic perspective, professional counselors interpret client presentations based on
  13. This author is known for developing a Black ethnic identity theory
  14. In the Integrative Awareness stage of racial/cultural identity development, both ethnic clients and
  15. A White person in the Resistance and Immersion stage may take on a _____ role with ethnically different clients.


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Get Solved COUC 504 Quiz Cultural Identity
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