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Get Solved COUC 604 Crisis Intervention

Get Solved COUC 604 Crisis Intervention


Crisis Intervention Plan Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is for the student, as the crisis interventionist, to learn an organized approach when working with individuals in crisis. In addition, the student is asked to be able to critically evaluate newsworthy information in his/her community or nation to determine what constitutes crises. This challenges the student to begin viewing the needs of individuals and communities through the lens of a crisis interventionist rather than an individual reading about tragic events, the student becomes an individual reading about the possible needs of those around him/her, opening his/her therapeutic heart to reaching out to others in need. Being a crisis interventionist means being someone open to recognizing individuals and communities in crisis, recognizing the threats, and is equipped and ready to intervene. Short of hands-on experience, this is an effective way to learn intervention strategies. The student will take the information from the text, knowledge from his/her experience in the field, along with other course work, and apply it to a real-life circumstance that has been reported in the media. ALTHOUGH there are three sections to this assignment it is all one assignment and must be submitted as one document.


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Get Solved COUC 604 Crisis Intervention
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