Get Solved EDRS 688-Reading Specialist Practicum


Get Solved EDRS 688-Reading Specialist Practicum

Course Description

Candidates will participate in a supervised 30-hour practicum designed to link theory with practice. This practicum may be repeated one time with prior approval from the program chair.

For information regarding prerequisites for this course, please refer to the Academic Course Catalog.


Candidates are required to engage in developmental and sequential field experiences throughout their program. Candidates will complete practicum experiences that correspond to the corequisite course identified in the candidate’s degree completion plan. Candidates will assist in the classroom as well as teach one or more formal lessons.

Measurable Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the candidate will be able to:

  1. Observe, collaborate, and assist in K-12 diverse classroom under the supervision of a qualified host teacher.
  2. Teach one or more formal lessons.
  3. Reflect on professional growth throughout the practicum.
  4. Accept and implement feedback from the host teacher.
  5. Provide service to the host teacher or the host school.
  6. Complete 30 hours of practicum experience in the host school.
  7. Demonstrate the SOE SCRIP dispositions throughout the practicum

Course Assignment

After reading the Course Syllabus and Student Expectations, the student will complete the related checklist found in Module 1: Week 1.

After reviewing the information related to this practicum and the candidate’s co-requisite course, the candidate will complete an acknowledgement quiz found in Module 1: Week 1.

After submitting the practicum placement request, the candidate will complete the ten-question practicum request quiz.

After reviewing the student teacher handbook and advising guide, the candidate will complete the practicum expectations quiz.

The candidate will complete quizzes to track their progress in the practicum.

The candidate will use the provided template to document the projected 30-hour practicum placement schedule.

The candidate will reflect on the SOE SCRIP dispositions and rate his/her performance on the SCRIP dispositions during the practicum. The candidate will write a justification (3-5 sentences) with specific examples (minimum of 3) to support the self-rating given for each disposition. (MLO: C, G)

After reviewing the information related to the field experience summary, the candidate will complete a field experience summary quiz. (MLO: A, F) 

The candidate will complete the self-reflection based on a lesson that has been taught during the practicum experience. The candidate will plan and teach one formal lesson during the practicum. (MLO: B, C)

The host teacher will evaluate the candidate’s performance during the practicum using the Pre-AIA assessment. (MLO: A, C, D, E)

The candidate will log all completed practicum hours in FEM in LiveText. The candidate’s host teacher will verify and approve the hours logged in LiveText. (MLO: A, F)

The candidate will write a thank you note to the Host Teacher showing gratitude for the privilege of completing the practicum in his/her classroom. The candidate will take a picture of the note and submit it to the Blackboard assignment link. (MLO: C, E)

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