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Get Solved Liberty University BMAL 530 Quiz 7 

Get Solved Liberty University BMAL 530 Quiz 7

  1. Not believing in absolutes is essentially an absolute statement.
  2. A person who has the view of antinomianism believes that it is not okay to steal if one is hungry.
  3. Unqualified absolutism is choosing the lesser of two evils.
  4. There is really only one ethical system.
  5. Knowing one’s ethical viewpoints and applying them in the business world are essentially the same thing because one has to know the type of ethical system one subscribes to in order to apply it.
  6. Situationism has as its premise that the end justifies the mean.
  7. Moral relativism essentially states that there are no moral absolutes.
  8. One’s personal ethics may be separated from one’s business ethics.
  9. There is a perceived conundrum in that what is moral for some may not be moral for others.
  10. Conflicting absolutism states that moral conflicts do not exist because God cannot contradict himself.


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Get Solved Liberty University BMAL 530 Quiz 7 
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