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Get Solved Liberty University BUSI 411 Exam 1 

Get Solved Liberty University BUSI 411 Exam 1

  1. Operations and sales are the two ________ functions in businesses.
  2. In their chief role of _________, operations managers exert considerable influence over the degree to which the goals and objectives of the organization are realized.
  3. Managing the supply chain has become more important as a result of firms increasing their levels of:
  4. If one organization is better able than most to respond to changes in demands or opportunities, we say that organization exhibits higher:
  5. Which of the following is not a characteristic of service operations?
  6. For an organization to grow its market share, it must:
  7. Which of the following is not a factor that affects productivity?
  8. Which of the following is not typically considered a cure for poor competitiveness?
  9. Which of the following is not a reason for the poor performance of our organization in the marketplace?
  10. A productivity increase in one operation that does not improve the overall productivity of the business is not
  11. When choosing a forecasting technique, a critical trade-off that must be considered is that between:
  12. Professor Very Busy needs to allocate time next week to include time for office hours. He needs to forecast the number of students who will seek appointments. He has gathered the following data:
  13. A concert promoter is forecasting this year’s attendance for one of his concerts based on the following historical data:
  14. The two general approaches to forecasting are:
  15. A persistent tendency for forecasts to be greater than or less than the actual values is called:
  16. One structured approach for integrating customer requirements into every aspect of product development is:
  17. A software company is weighing whether to release a new version of its software as scheduled. The company can go ahead and release the version as scheduled and correct flaws with subsequent patches or upgrades, or it can wait until the new version is reasonably bug-free.  Choosing to delay the release until the bugs can be worked out is an example of the:
  18. Which of these pairs of functions would tend to be affected most dramatically by a product or service redesign?
  19. Service design generally differs from product design in which of the following ways?
  20. Product life cycle management (PLM) incorporates all of the following:
  21. The word “technology” is used only to refer to “information technology.”
  22. Services often don’t fit simple yield measurements.
  23. Correlation measures the strength and direction of a relationship between variables.
  24. Many U.S. manufacturers are now shifting their focus from products to both product and process improvements.
  25. Standardization can at times lead to serious difficulties and competitive struggles, particularly when systems are running under different conditions.


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Get Solved Liberty University BUSI 411 Exam 1 
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