Get Solved MATH 221 Week 6 Discussion Post


Get Solved MATH 221 Week 6 Discussion Post


  1. A random sample of 100 medical school applicants at a university has a mean total score of 502 on the MCAT. According to a report, the mean total score for the school’s applicants is more than 499. Assume the population standard deviation is 10.6. At α = 0.01, is there enough evidence to support the report’s claim? (Source: Association of American Medical Colleges)
    • What if the claim and state H0 and Ha?
    • Uncover the standardized test statistic z or t OR find the corresponding P-value.
    • Correctly present the type of

Compare the p-value with α OR the standardized test statistic with the critical value of z or t.

After reading your problem on Caffeine Content I decided to try the problem and change one of the variables in the problem to see if I could calculate according to your steps. Below is the original problem.

5. Caffeine Content: A consumer research organization states that the mean caffeine content per 12-ounce bottle of a population of caffeinated soft drinks is 37.7 milligrams. You want to test this claim. During your tests, you find that a random sample of thirty-six 12-ounce bottles of caffeinated soft drinks has a mean caffeine content of 36.4 milligrams. Assume the population standard deviation is 10.8 milligrams. At α = 0.01, can you reject the research organization’s claim? (Source: National Soft Drink Association).

A fast-growing restaurant estimates that the mean sodium content in one of its breakfast sandwiches is no more than 920 milligrams. A random sample of 34 breakfast sandwiches has a mean sodium content of 914 milligrams. Assume the population standard deviation is 19 milligrams. At  .. =0.10, do you have enough evidence to reject the restaurant’s claim? Complete parts (a) through (e).

  • Identify the null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis.

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