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Get Solved NR 601 Week 1 Discussion Board – Polypharmacy (2 Versions)

Get Solved NR 601 Week 1 Discussion Board-Polypharmacy 2 Versions


Polypharmacy is a common concern, especially in the elderly.

  1. List the definitions of polypharmacy you encounter in your assigned reading. Include an additional reference from an evidence-based practice journal article or national guideline.
  2. Discuss three risk factors that can lead to polypharmacy. Explain the rationale for why each listed item is a risk factor. Risk factors are different than adverse drug reactions. ADRs can be a result of polypharmacy and is important, but ADRs are not a risk factor.
  3. Discuss three action steps that a provider can take to prevent polypharmacy.
  4. Provide an example of how your clinical preceptors have addressed polypharmacy.

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Get Solved NR 601 Week 1 Discussion Board – Polypharmacy (2 Versions)
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