Purchase Solved ACCT 574 Homework Week 1 – 7


Purchase Solved ACCT 574 Homework Week 1-7


ACCT-574 Week 1 Homework (Multiple Choice)

  1. Question : (TCO A) Which accounting firm audited all of these companies: Sunbeam, Waste Management, Global Crossing, and Baptist Foundation of Arizona?
  2. Question : (TCO A) Peremptory refers to:
  3. Question : (TCO A) Which task probably would not be required of a Certified Fraud Examiner?
  4. Question : (TCO A) Which is not one of the three Ms of financial statement fraud?
  5. Question : (TCO A) Under the KPMG categories of fraud, what would probably not be an external fraud?
  6. Question : (TCO A) A typical lower-level employee in a public business would engage mostly in which type of crime?
  7. Question : (TCO A) Which would be a preventive control?
  8. Question : (TCO A) An example of rationalization, an essential element of fraudulent activity (e.g., the fraud triangle), would be:
  9. Question : (TCO A) Monitoring controls do not include:
  10. Question : (TCO A) Which would not be considered an analytical procedure?

ACCT 574 Week 2 Homework (Multiple Choice)

  1. Question : (TCO B) You are told that a company has a 20% profit margin and the discovered fraud has caused $1,400,000 more needed revenue to cover the fraud. How much was stolen?
  2. Question : (TCO B) Skimming can be caught by:
  3. Question : (TCO B) A fraud investigation should not be commenced without proper:
  4. Question : (TCO B) Which is not a behavioral, covert aspect of fraud?
  5. Question : (TCO B) Which would not be a procurement fraud scheme?
  6. Question : (TCO B) Which of the following is a public resource that can be accessed by the Internet?
  7. Question : (TCO B) The purpose of money laundering is to:
  8. Question : (TCO B) The first step in a money laundering operation is to:
  9. Question : (TCO B) Money launderers prefer to establish business relationships with a company whose operations are characterized by:
  10. Question : (TCO B) Which of the following activities would not be considered a likely “red flag” to possible money laundering activities?

ACCT-574 Week 3 Homework (Multiple Choice) 

  1. Question : (TCO C) Which is not a Daubert factor?
  2. Question : (TCO C) Which statement about witness immunity is false?
  3. Question : (TCO C) Which is not a situation that would cause an expert to be ejected?
  4. Question : (TCO C) Which of the following is not one of the 11 guidelines for evidence?
  5. Question : (TCO C) What motion would be used to try to eliminate an expert witness?
  6. Question : (TCO C) Which would not be considered privileged evidence?
  7. Question : (TCO C) Which is an inductive approach?
  1. Question : (TCO C) What is not direct evidence?
  2. Question : (TCO C) A pleading which is filed by the plaintiff describes which of the following?
  3. Question : (TCO C) A ____________ is a written argument supported by citations of court decisions, statutes, and other authorities.

ACCT 574 Week 5 Homework (Multiple Choice) 

  1. Question : (TCO E) The Securities and Exchange Commission recommended the internal control framework used by which of the following organizations?
  2. Question : (TCO E) Forensic digital investigative skills include all of the following except:
  3. Question : (TCO E) Sarbanes-Oxley regulations have given the Securities and Exchange Commission new powers. These guidelines are in what Section of the Sarbanes-Oxley legislation?
  4. Question : (TCO E) If your client’s website is breached, the best policy is to:
  5. Question : (TCO E) The IP address is composed of a(n):
  6. Question : (TCO E) E-mail logs are best found in:
  7. Question : (TCO E) One way to hide my e-mail address is to:
  8. Question : (TCO E) The backdoor on a network or PC:
  9. Question : (TCO E) A form of steganography is:
  10. Question : (TCO E) In committing financial frauds, cybercriminals use Trojans primarily:

ACCT-574 Week 6 Homework (Multiple Choice)

  1. Question : (TCO F) Which of the following categories would most likely NOT use employee labor dollars to determine its related loss in a cyber attack?
  2. Question : (TCO F) If an employee earns $40 an hour and time and a half for overtime, what is the overtime hourly rate of pay?
  3. Question : (TCO F) Tangible losses from a cyber attack do not include:
  4. Question : (TCO F) Real options have a value due to the:
  5. Question : (TCO F) Of the following losses from a cyber attack on electronic systems, which is likely to be the most costly to a software company?

ACCT 574 Week 7 Homework (Multiple Choice)

  1. Question : (TCO G) The most common measure of value is:
  2. Question : (TCO G) A major challenge in doing valuations in a divorce case is:
  3. Question : (TCO G) The Indy Company experiences the following annual incomes over the last five years: $60,000, $70,000, $110,000, $150,000, and $160,000. A firm like Indy Company commands a 10% discount rate and a price-earnings ratio of 10. Using a weighted earnings model that weighs the more recent earnings more heavily, what is the value of the firm?
  4. Question : (TCO G) The conclusions presented in FASB No. 157 support which FASB Conceptual Framework?
  5. Question : (TCO G) According to FASB No. 157, the changes made to the Statement will improve financial reporting by:
  6. Question : (TCO G) The main sections of a business valuation report usually number:
  7. Question : (TCO G) “Buy-sell agreements” related to:
  8. Question : (TCO G) “Investment value” is:
  9. Question : (TCO G) IRS Rev. Rul. 59-60:
  10. Question : (TCO G) The “cost approach” to business valuation involves:

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