Purchase Solved ACCT 601 Week 2 Term Paper


Purchase Solved ACCT 601 Week 2 Term Paper


ACCT 601 Week 2 Term Paper: List of References (5-to-8 using APA format)

Submit a list of five-to-eight current references in APA format for your course project. Annotate your references – briefly describe the content of the reference and how it relates to your course project. Submit your Week 2 Term Paper list of references assignment to the Week 2 Term Paper Dropbox no later than midnight Sunday at the end of Week 2.
References are very important. Five-to-eight references needed for the Week 7 paper. Anonymous authors or web pages are not acceptable. At least three of those sources used should be from academic journals and/or professional publications. All sources should be current within the past 18 to 24 months from the Keller library. All references should be cited within the body of your work and listed on the last page of your term paper in a section titled “References.”


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